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Unearthed is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the twenty-second episode overall.


Ben and company need to return a baby monster to its parents before the DNAliens find it.[CN 1]


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A DNAlien mining operation uncovers an alien spacecraft, from which a large alien child is released. She wanders around the nearby town collecting random items, eventually attracting the attention of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin.

Ben's team initially believe the damage to be the work of a DNAlien, but discover it's something else. After finding the creature and seeing her holding the DNAlien's power coupling, they mistake her for working with the DNAliens. Ben transforms into Humungousaur and engages in battle, but after hitting her once, she begins to cry. At first, she's evenly matched with Humungousaur, until he increases his size and scares her away. The creature then finds Gwen, who perceives her in her Anodite form and picks her up. After heeding Gwen's instructions, she realizes the creature is a baby girl. At that moment, the DNAliens who had lost the power coupling find the creature and Ben's Team. After tossing the power coupling to each other, Ben grabs and turns into Echo Echo to "split up". One Echo Echo clone runs with the coupling while the others sneak up behind the DNAliens and blast them. After the chase ends, Ben returns the power coupling to the eager creature and is at a loss over what they should do.

Eventually, they babysit the creature in Kevin's garage, with the boys always making Gwen check on the creature. When she takes a bite out of Kevin's car, he angrily declares she has to go.

Needing to return the child to her parents, the team follows her back to her ship. After defeating the DNAliens, the team awakens the child's parents, who depart the planet after Ben explains that they've been in stasis for fifty years because of a time-experiment gone bad 50 years ago. As they're departing from Earth, Tiny says her first word: "Gwen".

Noteworthy Events[]

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Minor Events[]

  • This is the first time that Gwen's Anodite form is seen.



Aliens Used[]


Ben: (to Tiny) We don't wanna have to hurt you. Drop the weapon and give yourself up!
Kevin: You don't have to read him his rights first, Tennyson; just take him out!

Kevin: Aww. I think he loves you. (smiles)
Humungousaur: So... not funny!

Tiny: (starts babbling baby talk)
Kevin: Is that monster for "I give up?"
Humungousaur: Do I look like I speak monsterese? (sees Kevin's incredulous look) Oh, right.

Echo Echo: Thanks, guys.
Echo Echo: No problem.
Kevin: Dude, you're talking to yourselves again.

Ben: I've got no idea what we should do about that.
Gwen: Her!
Ben: Whatever.
Gwen: Well, do you want to keep standing around here arguing about it or help me hide her?
Ben: I'd like to keep standing around.
Kevin: I'd like to keep arguing about it. (sees Gwen glaring) If you don't want to know, don't ask.

Kevin: That's it! Out!
Gwen: She's just a baby! She didn't know!
Ben: Gwen, much as I hate siding with Kevin, Tiny has to go back where she came from.
Kevin: You weren't planning on keeping her, were you?
Ben: Doesn't matter. We're stuck with her until nightfall, anyway.
Kevin: What?! No! Get her out of here while I still have some car left!

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Les Engloutis The Engulfed
Hungarian Felkutatva Rousted Out
Polish Tycia Fatty
Portuguese (Br) Desenterrada Unearthed
Romanian Dezgropaţi Excavate
Spanish (HA) Olvidados En La Tierra Forgotten on The Earth
Spanish (Spain) Desenterrados Unearthed


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
DNAlien #3
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Echo Echo
Tiny's Mother
DNAlien #1
Jeff Bennett Tiny's Father
DNAlien #2



  • When Kevin runs towards Tiny, his right eye is all white.
  • Humungousaur and Echo Echo's holograms face away from Ben.
  • When Tiny sees Gwen in her Anodite form for the first time, Humungousaur is not behind her.
  • After Echo Echo reverts back to Ben, Ben's skin is white around his right eye.



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