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I don't do Overflow. I go Undertow!

– Undertow to Four Arms.[1]

Undertow is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Cascan/unknown hybrid and Kevin's equivalent to Overflow.


Undertow is a cerulean metallic alien. He has two tubes that extend from his head and has black mask-like markings around his red eyes. He has two tubes of swamp green slime reaching from a respirator where his mouth should be to his chest, and his forearms have orange and gray canisters filled with slime. He has black four-fingered hands and three black toes on each foot. He also has a gray protrusion on top of his head with black openings on the front and back that each have three red buttons.

Undertow wears the Antitrix symbol on his chest.

In The Greatest Lake, Undertow wore a hood similar to Hex's.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Cascan, Undertow shares many of the same abilities as Overflow, such as launching pressurized blasts of water from the tanks on his forearms. However, due to the Antitrix's modifications made by Kevin, Undertow instead shoots green swamp water.

Undertow's armored exoskeleton gives him enhanced durability against most types of damage. Additionally, he also displays enhanced strength too.

Undertow can breathe underwater with ease.[2]

Undertow has a form of terrakinesis that can cause the ground beneath his opponent to turn into mud.[1]

Undertow can produce whips using his slime.[3]

By propelling himself with his slime, Undertow can simulate flight.

Undertow can spew out murky water from his respirator, as demonstrated by AntiVilgax.[4]


Being part-Cascan, Undertow shares many of the same weaknesses as Overflow.

Due to Kevin's alterations to the Antitrix, Undertow is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize at the fullest.

Undertow is vulnerable to magic, as demonstrated by Overflow.


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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Lance-vase From lance, shooter and vase, mud
German Undertow From the original English name
Italian Risucchio From risucchio, backwash
Polish Armat Wodny From armata, cannon and woda, water
Portuguese (Br) Contracorrente from contra, against, and corrente, chain
Russian Тягун From тягун, pogun
Spanish (HA) Undertow From the original English name
Turkish Atık Tankı From waste, tank


An undertow is a current of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current.


  • Undertow's voice sounds similar to Kevin's but with a slightly muffled echo similar to Overflow.
  • Undertow's armor has a slight resemblance to NRG's Containment Suit.
  • Undertow's hydrokinesis water resembles Spitter's slime spit.


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