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Ultra Ben is Ben's fantasy superhero alter ego.

Original Series

Ultra Ben doesn't appear in any real world scenario. The first scenario was in The Galactic Enforcers when Ben dreamed that he took down a villain named Dr. Doomacus. Another scenario is when Enoch trapped Ben in the dream world while he could attempt to remove the Omnitrix in Perfect Day. In the dream, he became Ultra Ben and took down Enoch by tossing him into the sun.

He also turned Grandpa Max and Gwen, who had entered the dream world to rescue him, into Ultra Grandpa and Ultra Rat, respectively.



Ultra Ben in The Galactic Enforcers

He looks like Ben with a stereotypical superhero costume. He wears frame-less blue goggles with horn-like extensions, a cyan shirt and white pants. He also dons a white cape. In The Galactic Enforcers, he takes on a grey, black and white color scheme.

Powers and Abilities

Since he's Ben's fantasy counterpart, he has all of normal Ben's abilities, except for the Omnitrix. He proves to be strong, able to defeat Kevin 11 in a single attack with almost no effort at all whereas Ben's aliens had a lot of difficulty. He can fly and is incredibly fast in addition to being nearly omnipotent in Ben's dream.


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