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Dagon's first reaction to Ultimate Way Big.

Ultimate Way Big is the Ultimatrix's artificially evolved DNA sample of a To'kustar.


Ultimate Way Big is almost identical to Way Big. The white parts of his body except for his chest and hands are changed to blue, and he has two curved horns on the left and right sides of his head, similar to Alien X and Ditto. The red parts of his body except for his shoulders and cheeks are now white, and the black parts of his body are now red.

Ultimate Way Big wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Way Big is stronger, more durable and bigger than Way Big, as he was able to pull Dagon to the ground, who was gargantuan when compared to Ultimate Way Big's size at the time.

Ultimate Way Big could spin around fast enough to repel Dagon's laser beams.

Ultimate Way Big has the ability to fly.

Ultimate Way Big's cosmic rays are stronger than Way Big's. He can produce the rays as either projectiles or as beams.

Ultimate Way Big is able to create cosmic energy discs that were able to cut off one of Dagon's tentacles.

Like Way Big, Ultimate Way Big can survive in space and extreme temperatures.


As with his base form, Ultimate Way Big's size restricts him from fighting in confined spaces. Being even larger than his base form, Ultimate Way Big is even more limited by this fact than base Way Big is.

Despite his enhanced durability, Ultimate Way Big was shown to be vulnerable to Dagon's lasers and acid rain.


Ultimate Alien


Ultimate Alien

Season 3

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Ултра Грамада From ултра, ultra, and грамада, giant
Chinese 终极 From 终极 (Zhōng Jí), ultimate, (Chāo), super, and 巨人 (Jǜ Rén), giant
French Ultimate Géant From ultimate, ultimate, and géant, giant
Greek Απόλυτος Μεγάλος From απόλυτος, ultimate, and μεγάλος, big guy
Italian Ultra Gigante From ultra and gigante, giant
Polish Ostateczny Way Big from ostateczny, ultimate and Way Big
Portuguese (Br) Grandão Supremo/Gigante Supremo From grandão/gigante, big guy/giant, and supremo, supreme
Romanian Uriasul X From urias, giant
Russian Ульти Супербольшой From ульти супер большой, ulti super big
Spanish (HA) Muy Grande Supremo From muy grande, very big/large, and supremo, supreme
Spanish (Spain) Ultimate Gigante From ultimate, ultimate, and gigante, giant
Turkish Ultimat Vey Big From ultimate vey big, ultimate way big


  • Appearance-wise, Ultimate Way Big bears a striking resemblance to Ultraman Taro from the Ultraman franchise, and also has very similar powers. However, color-wise, he bears more of a resemblance to Ultraman Cosmos or Ultraman Tiga instead.
    • Ultimate Way Big leaping into the air with his right fist extended upwards is a reference to the "Rise" transformation used in the Ultraman franchise.
    • Ultimate Way Big's body spinning and cosmic disk powers are references to Ultraman's High Spin and Ultra-Slash techniques respectively.
  • Ultimate Way Big was the first Ultimate Form to be hinted on the DVD cover of Ultimate Alien named The Ultimate Ending, where his back is shown, with Ultimate Way Big facing Dagon.
  • While Way Big shoots his cosmic ray by putting his right hand vertical and left hand horizontal, Ultimate Way Big does it by putting his left hand vertical and his right hand horizontal.
  • When asked about any of Ben's aliens that could survive Element X, Duncan Rouleau said that Ultimate Way Big can tank it for sure.[DR 1]


Duncan Rouleau

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