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Ultimate Spidermonkey (alternatively spelled as Ultimate SpiderMonkey)[1] is the Ultimatrix's artificially evolved DNA sample of an Arachnichimp.


Ben as Ultimate Spidermonkey[]

Ultimate Spidermonkey has a large gorilla-like body with purple skin, black fur and three pairs of eyes. He lacks Spidermonkey's tail and extra pair of arms, but they are replaced with two pairs of retractable spider legs that can fold into his waist. Ultimate Spidermonkey wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Albedo as Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey[]

Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey has red eyes, pale-purple skin, and yellow spider fangs on each side of his mouth. Instead of the purple spider legs, Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey has two extra sets of gorilla arms, and he wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol, which has eight spikes now instead of four, on his stomach.

Powers and Abilities[]

By splitting his lower jaw into two halves, Ultimate Spidermonkey can shoot webs from his mouth, much more than Spidermonkey can shoot from his tail. His webs are strong enough to keep a Vaxasaurian,[2] an Orishan,[3] and a Gimlinopithecus from escaping.[4] His webbing is also waterproof.[merch 1]

Ultimate Spidermonkey can use his webbing to create web constructs, such as a web net.[5] He can also create enough webbing to make a soft cushion to land on if falling.[6]

Ultimate Spidermonkey is much stronger than his devolved form, being strong enough to overpower and take down a Tetramand.[7]

Ultimate Spidermonkey is extremely durable, being able to survive Atomix's Nuclear Winner[8] and take a punch from a Tetramand.[7] Also, considering that he once fell through space and down to earth, Ultimate Spidermonkey is resistant to radiation and extreme heat, as he was completely unharmed after falling through the atmosphere.[6]

Ultimate Spidermonkey is extremely agile, and he can jump extremely high.[8][9]

Ultimate Spidermonkey is capable of climbing walls, much like his devolved form.[5] He also has prehensile feet.[9]

In Ultimate Alien, Ultimate Spidermonkey's spider legs could pull things and break them almost as if he were using his hands. He could also fold his spider legs into his waist, and attack with the tips of the legs, as they were sharp enough to pierce a concrete wall.[9]


Ultimate Spidermonkey's webs can be torn apart by species as strong as Anodites[10] or dissolved by the nuclear energy from members of Atomix's species.[8]

Ultimate Spidermonkey can be put to sleep by Argit's quills.[7]


Ultimate Alien[]




Video Games[]

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction[]

Ultimate Spidermonkey CD

Ultimate Spidermonkey in Cosmic Destruction

Ultimate Spidermonkey is a playable alien in the game.

Ultimate Spidermonkey is the most used Ultimate form in the game, as he is used twice while the rest of the others are only used once.

Ultimate Spidermonkey can pound the ground to make small shockwaves and spin his spider legs around to damage enemies around him.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Arabic سبايدر مانكي الأقصي From the original English name
Bulgarian Ултра Паякомаймуна From ултра, ultra, and паякомаймуна, spidermonkey
Chinese 终极蜘蛛魔猴 From 终极 (Zhōng Jí), ultimate, 蜘蛛 (Zhī Zhū), spider, and 魔猴(Mó Hóu), Hanuman
Danish Ultimative Spindelabe From ultimative, ultimate, spindela, spider and abe, monkey
Dutch Ultieme Slingeraap From ultieme, ultimate, aap, monkey, and slinger, sling
French Ultimate Arachno-Singe From ultimate, arachn-, prefix linked to spiders and singe, monkey
German Ultimativer Spidermonkey From ultimativer, ultimate, and the original English name
Greek Υπέρατος Αραχνοπίθηκος From υπέρατος, ultimate, and αραχνοπίθηκος, spidermonkey
Italian Ultra Scimparagno From ultra, ultimate, and Scimparagno, Spidermonkey
Korean 얼티메이트 스파이더몽키 From "얼티메이트 스파이더몽키", ultimate spidermonkey
Norwegian Ultimat Edderape From ultimat, ultimate, edderkopp, spider and ape, monkey
Polish Ostateczny Pajęczarz From ostateczny, ultimate, and pajęczarz, spidermonkey
Portuguese (Br) Macaco-Aranha Supremo From macaco-aranha, spidermonkey, and supremo, supreme
Romanian Maimuța-Păianjen X From maimuță, monkey, păianjen, spider and X
Russian Ульти Обезьяна-Паук From Ульти, ultimate, and Обезьяна-паук (Spidermonkey)
Spanish (Spain) Mono Araña Supremo From mono aranã, spidermonkey, and supremo, supreme
Swedish Ultimata Spindelapa From ultimata, ultimate, and the original English name
Turkish Ultimate Örümcekmaymun From spidermonkey örümcekmaymun, ultimate ultimate


  • Ultimate Spidermonkey was the first Ultimate form to be used in Ultimate Alien.
  • In Reflected Glory, Ultimate Spidermonkey's jaw kept splitting whenever he spoke; this did not happen in any of his other appearances.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey was the Alien of the Month in February 2011.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey is the only Ultimate form to have a complete redesign in Omniverse, as well as the only Ultimate form in that show to have a different voice actor from his regular form.
  • In Omniverse, Ultimate Spidermonkey cannot grow spider legs out from the spikes on his shoulders.[DJW 1]
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey's Ultimate Alien appearance was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • If Ben had access to Ultimate Spidermonkey in Omniverse, he would still have six arms similar to Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey.[DJW 3]
  • When Ultimate Spidermonkey shoots webs from his mouth in Omniverse, his mouth bears resemblance to the Predators from the franchise of the same name.
  • Derrick thought Ultimate Spidermonkey's design was pretty cool, digging the big purple Grape Ape-esque gorilla vibe of his Ultimate Alien design. He also liked his Omniverse design even more due to him having eight full gorilla arms, and commended Paul Eiding for providing a really feral-sounding voice.[DJW 4]


Derrick J. Wyatt[]

Glenn Wong[]


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