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Ultimate Kevin is the mutation Kevin Levin went through in Ultimate Alien.


Ultimate Kevin's composition is more complex than his earlier mutations from his youth. His face mostly resembled Jetray's, but with Kevin's hair, a patch around the right eye resembling Ultimate Humungousaur's, and a jaw belonging to Ultimate Spidermonkey with an interior resembling Echo Echo's. His torso resembled Humungousaur's, but with the backside colored like Jetray and a set of wings resembling Big Chill's. His right arm mostly resembled Diamondhead's, but with two magenta crystals resembling Chromastone's shards on his shoulder and a claw resembling Lodestar's. His left arm mostly resembled Swampfire's, but with a shoulder spike belonging to Lodestar and a wrist claw belonging to Rath. His right foot resembled Jetray's, while his left foot resembled Rath's. He also had Humungousaur's tail, two of Brainstorm's legs in place of a secondary left arm, one of Spidermonkey's arms as a secondary right arm, and Water Hazard's water portholes on both his Swampfire-like hand and Lodestar-like claw.

Ultimate Kevin wore Kevin's pants, albeit with tears at the edge of the legs.


Ultimate Kevin's personality became even worse than Kevin 11 was in the original series. Fortunately, Kevin still seems to have some control of his sanity, as he spared an opposing Gwen.

Ultimate Kevin's feelings for Gwen prior to his mutation have become mixed with his insanity, as seen when he commenting that he thinks she has deliberately avoided him. He also shows anger when Cooper tries to get in his way and tries to kill him as well. Ultimately, despite his love for Gwen, Ultimate Kevin was overwhelmed by his hunger and nearly killed her.

By Absolute Power: Part 1, Ultimate Kevin's self-control is almost entirely overtaken by his insanity, further cementing Ben's claim that Kevin was too powerful for anyone to beat and that "putting him down" was the best option.


In The Forge of Creation, in order to stop Ultimate Aggregor from absorbing the powers of a newborn Celestialsapien, Kevin had no choice but to absorb the Ultimatrix's powers and turn into, as Vilgax would call it, a misshapen chaotic amalgam form of the creatures of the Ultimatrix. This form easily defeated Ultimate Aggregor and drained his powers, reverting him back into Aggregor. After being scolded by Young Ben for his selfishness when he attempted to absorb the Celestialsapien infant, Ultimate Kevin left the Forge of Creation.

In ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Ultimate Kevin returned to the Null Void to avenge his former mentor Kwarrel by killing Morgg. However, he simply left when Ben and Gwen intervened and Morgg was brought to justice.

In The Enemy of My Enemy, Ultimate Kevin goes rampant on attacking Argit for all his double-crossing. Fortunately, Argit's ability to turn off his pulse confused Ultimate Kevin into leaving the Plumbers' Academy.

In Absolute Power: Part 1, Ultimate Kevin's Osmosian instincts have caused him to develop an insatiable hunger for energy and begins draining the life force of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path, regardless of whether or not they had powers. Ben still thinks that eliminating Kevin once and for all would be the best choice. Gwen, however, sees that the power is controlling Kevin's mind and puts her own life at stake to help Kevin by talking.

AP1 (39)

Ultimate Kevin while battling Alan

Ultimate Kevin admits to Gwen that retained a single shred of his humanity, which was enough to stay away from Gwen, knowing that his remaining willpower would be overwhelmed by his insanity and that he would end up draining her if he got the chance. Overwhelmed by his hunger, he then becomes obsessed with her life force and powers and ends up tracking her.

Ultimate Kevin was cured in Absolute Power: Part 2, thanks to the efforts of Ben, Gwen, Cooper, and Darkstar. However, Darkstar betrays the team and becomes Ultimate Darkstar by absorbing the powers from the Dominus Librium, which had absorbed all of Ultimate Kevin's powers. Fortunately, Ben anticipated this from the beginning and presses a button that strips Morningstar of his new powers.

Grandpa Max, Julie (wearing Ship), and Ra'ad (accompanied by Bivalvan, Galapagus, P'andor, and Andreas) collectively reveal that Ben's move also returned the powers Kevin collected to their rightful owners and revived the five Andromeda Aliens that Aggregor had absorbed previously.

In Night of the Living Nightmare, Ultimate Kevin appeared in a dream, trying to convince Ben to surrender the Ultimatrix. He was, however, quickly defeated and reverted back to normal when Ben used AmpFibian to electrocute him.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Ultimate Kevin appeared in a flashback.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Absorption
  • Metamorphic Arm/Weapon Manifestation
  • Electric Shields
  • Space Survivability
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Intangibility
  • Chlorokinesis
  • Nuclear Energy Blasts
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Sonic Screams
  • Elasticity
  • Self-Liquefaction
  • Electric Beams
  • Flight
  • Web Spit
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Mana Manipulation
  • Energy Absorption
  • Fire Breath
  • Terrakinesis/Jackhammer Arm
  • Electrokinesis
  • Neuroshock Blasts
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Aerokinesis
  • Ultraviolet Beams
  • Ice Breath
  • Crystal Projectiles
  • Magnetism

Overall, Ultimate Kevin had access to the abilities of nearly every normal and Ultimate alien Ben had in the Ultimatrix during the second season of Ultimate Alien.

Ultimate Kevin retained his normal counterpart's natural power and energy absorption, which he first used to defeat Ultimate Aggregor.[1] Over time, he would gain new powers and/or add onto existing ones by absorbing those of the Plumbers' Helpers and Viktor.[2]

Ultimate Kevin's right arm grants him access to Diamondhead's crystal projectiles and Lodestar's magnetism,[3] while his left arm grants him access to Rath's wrist claw and Swampfire's pyrokinesis. Both arms grant him access to Water Hazard's hydrokinesis.[2]

Ultimate Kevin's eyes have access to NRG's radioactive and nuclear energy blasts,[2] Jetray's neuroshock blasts, and Chromastone's ultraviolet beams.[3]

Ultimate Kevin could spit webs out of his mouth, much like Ultimate Spidermonkey. His mouth also had access to Echo Echo's sonic screams[3] and Big Chill's ice breath.[3] He would later gain Heatblast's fire breath after absorbing Alan's powers.[2]

Ultimate Kevin's enhanced strength and durability mostly come from both regular and Ultimate Humungousaur, Four Arms, Armodrillo, Rath, Way Big, and many other aliens.[2]

Ultimate Kevin was able to survive in space much like Jetray, which was essential in his trip to the Plumbers' Academy.[4]

Ben had to remind Ultimate Kevin that he had "the powers of a ghost", indicating that his intangibility comes from Ghostfreak. However, the way his intangibility is executed indicates that it actually comes from Big Chill.[4]

Ultimate Kevin's flight primarily came from Big Chill due to sharing the same set of wings. They could also fold themselves into a cloak.

Ultimate Kevin possessed multiple forms of electrokinesis, including Brainstorm's electric force fields and beams[2] and AmpFibian's electricity absorption.[3] He most likely gained Frankenstrike's electrical abilities after absorbing Viktor's powers.[2]

Ultimate Kevin gained the ability to manipulate Mana after absorbing energy from Gwen's Stone Creatures.[2]

Other notable abilities Ultimate Kevin possessed included Swampfire's chlorokinesis and seed generation, Goop's elasticity and self-liquification, Terraspin's aerokinesis, and Armodrillo's terrakinesis.

There are many other abilities that Ultimate Kevin also had access to yet never trained himself to use, including:

  • Swampfire's regeneration and limb reattachment
  • Big Chill's cryo-phasing
  • Chromastone's light and force field generation
  • Humungousaur's size alteration
  • Brainstorm's enhanced intelligence
  • Spidermonkey's enhanced agility
  • Goop's slime spit and acidic slime
  • Cannonbolt's sphere transformation
  • Murk Upchuck's solid matter ingestion
  • Way Big's cosmic rays
  • Nanomech's bio-electrokinesis
  • Ghostfreak's tentacles and body possession
  • Four Arms' enhanced jumping
  • AmpFibian's electro-phasing
  • Ripjaws' underwater breathing
  • Wildmutt's enhanced senses
  • XLR8's enhanced speed (gained after absorbing Helen's powers)[2]
  • Pierce's thorn projectiles (gained after absorbing Pierce's powers)[2]
  • Kevin's natural matter absorption[DM 1]


  • Vulnerability to Audiokinesis
  • Vulnerability to Electricity

Ultimate Kevin did not have access to Alien X's powers due to that form being immediately relocked in the Ultimatrix before the team traveled to the Forge of Creation.[DM 2]

Despite being part-Geochelone Aerio, Ultimate Kevin was shown to be vulnerable to Gwen's mana attacks.

Ultimate Kevin was weak against an Evolved Sonorosian's sonic disk attacks.[3]

Ultimate Kevin is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[5]


Ultimate Alien

Season 2

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Punch Time Explosion and XL

In Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, Ultimate Kevin appears as a boss. In the game's story, Kevin has been turned into Ultimate Kevin by Vilgax. He is returned to normal after being defeated by Ben, Chowder, and Buttercup.

In Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL, Ultimate Kevin also appears as Kevin's Punch Time Explosion.


  • Greg Cipes did not use a filter to make his voice deeper when he voiced Ultimate Kevin. Instead, he simply just changed his voice.[DM 3]
  • Ultimate Kevin did not absorb Ultimate Aggregor's powers because he needed to, but because he wanted to.[DM 4]
    • Ultimate Kevin did not change in appearance when he did so because he only absorbed Ultimate Aggregor's energy, not his genetic structure.[DM 5]
    • Aggregor used a machine to change the Andromeda aliens into energy so he could absorb all of their power. This was the energy that Ultimate Kevin absorbed.[DM 6]
  • Ultimate Kevin was the Alien of the Month in December 2011.
    • However, in Australia, Ultimate Kevin was the Alien of the Month in November 2011 rather than Ultimate Echo Echo.


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