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I've had it with you, Tennyson! Always beating me when we were kids! Everything always going your way! I get turned into a freak, you become a world-famous superhero!

– Ultimate Kevin to Ben.[1]

Ultimate Kevin[merch 1] is the mutation Kevin Levin went through in Ultimate Alien.


Ultimate Kevin was composed of a larger pool of aliens than his earlier mutations, with multiple parts of his body now being combinations of multiple aliens. His face mostly resembled Jetray's but had Kevin's hair, a patch on his right eye consisting of Swampfire's skin and Humungousaur's eyebrow, and a jaw belonging to Humungousaur that split like Ultimate Spidermonkey. His torso came from Humungousaur but had a backside colored like Jetray. Draped over it was the cloak/set of wings of Big Chill but without the patterns. His right arm was crystalline like Diamondhead and his first mutation, but also had two magenta crystals on his shoulder resembling Chromastone's, and his hand was shaped like one of Lodestar/Brainstorm's pincers. His left arm mostly resembled Swampfire's, but with a shoulder spike belonging to Lodestar and a hand and wrist claw belonging to Rath. His right foot resembled Jetray's, while his left foot resembled Rath's. He also had Humungousaur's tail, two of Brainstorm's legs in place of a secondary left arm, one of Spidermonkey's arms as a secondary right arm, and Water Hazard's portholes on both his Swampfire-like hand and Lodestar/Brainstorm-like pincer.

Ultimate Kevin wore Kevin's pants, albeit with tears at the edge of the legs.


"Kevin's not evil. Somewhere deep down he's still our friend."
"No, lovely Gwen, he's not your friend anymore. He just looks like him. He's... an empty shell, knowing only a hunger that must be fed. That craving is his weakness."

Gwen and Michael.[2]

Ultimate Kevin's personality became even worse than Kevin 11 was in the Original Series. Fortunately, he still seemed to have some control of his sanity, as he spared an opposing Gwen.[3]

Ultimate Kevin's feelings for Gwen prior to his mutation became mixed with his insanity, as seen when he commented that he thought she was deliberately avoiding him.[2] He also showed anger when Cooper tried to get in his way, going so far as to attempt killing him. Ultimately, despite his love for Gwen, Ultimate Kevin was overwhelmed by his hunger and nearly killed her.[1]


Ultimate Alien[]

In The Forge of Creation, in order to stop Ultimate Aggregor from absorbing the powers of a baby Celestialsapien, Kevin had no choice but to absorb the Ultimatrix's powers and mutate again. This form, named Ultimate Kevin, easily defeated Ultimate Aggregor and drained his powers, reverting him back into Aggregor. After being scolded by Young Ben for his selfishness when he attempted to absorb the baby Celestialsapien, Ultimate Kevin flew away from the Forge of Creation.

In ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, to avenge Kwarrel's death, even though it went against all that Kwarrel had taught him, Ultimate Kevin purposely returned to the Null Void to kill Morgg. He would have succeeded if Gwen hadn't saved Morgg. Believing that Kevin was truly gone, Ben, much to Gwen's horror, suggested that Ultimate Kevin must be put down.

In The Enemy of My Enemy, Ultimate Kevin went after Argit for all the times he double-crossed him. He first attacked him and sent him towards Ben and Gwen. He later attacked Rust Bucket 3 in order to get Argit, but was forced to retreat due to his car being thrown out of the ship. He traveled to the Plumbers' Academy and easily took care of the Plumber cadets. He then attacked and thought he killed Argit (due to Argit shutting off his pulse). During his attempt to kill Argit, he nearly killed Gwen, thinking she had betrayed him. However, he restrained himself and spared her life, saying: "The only reason you're alive is because of what you used to mean to me." before departing, making it clear that a part of Ultimate Kevin still cared about her and Gwen remaining adamant that they could still bring Ultimate Kevin back to sanity without killing him.

In Absolute Power: Part 1, Ben decided that he must kill Kevin to stop his rampage. Gwen disagreed, believing there could be a way to help Kevin. The argument escalated into a fight which Ben won, due to Gwen holding back. When Max, too, agreed with Ben that Kevin had to be put down, Gwen resorted to recruiting Darkstar, casting a spell to restore his looks. The two met up with Ben, and Darkstar explained that when Kevin destroyed the Dominus Librium, the ancient artifact that cured Kevin and Darkstar of their previous mutations,[4] he managed to salvage a piece which had lost all of its power, but with enough energy channeled through it, they could tap into its powers and cure Kevin. Ben was reluctant to follow through Darkstar's plan and was just intent on finding Kevin so he could put him down.

At Total Zone, Gwen encountered Kevin and explained that Ben was after him and that she wanted to help him, but Kevin started to lose control and attacked her. He yelled at her for not staying away, with the last shred of his sanity having been his love for her (only now it was not enough to stop him). After a brief fight, Kevin began absorbing Gwen's powers, causing her pain while he looked all the more pleased.

In Absolute Power: Part 2, Gwen escaped from Kevin's clutches. In the Rust Bucket 3, Darkstar explained that since Kevin had a taste of Gwen's powers, he would want more, making Gwen the bait in his plan. They landed in Los Soledad, where Darkstar showed that he recruited Cooper to help him with turning Kevin to normal by building a machine that would tap into Darkstar's Dominus Librium piece. This would absorb Kevin's powers and all the powers he stole and return him to normal. Cooper began building the machine while Ben told Gwen that he was the only one who can stop Kevin's rampage because Professor Paradox told him and he was still reluctant to follow Gwen's plan.

Later, after a fight at Gwen's house, Gwen lured Kevin to Los Soledad. When Cooper tried to protect Gwen, telling Kevin to "stay away from her", Kevin picked him up and jealously said "Trying to make time with my girl, huh?!" before throwing him up in the air. Just when Kevin was about to punch him, Ben saved him as Ultimate Echo Echo and then fought Kevin. Ultimate Echo Echo was ready to deliver the final blow, but Gwen prevented him from doing so and convinced him otherwise. Kevin was then restored to his normal self with the help of Cooper, who was given a kiss on the cheek from Gwen as thanks, only for Kevin to sarcastically reply in return "Hey, since you're kissing people..." while pointing at his face. They shared a romantic kiss as a result, celebrating the return of the normal Kevin Levin.

In Night of the Living Nightmare, Ultimate Kevin appeared in a dream, trying to convince Ben to surrender the Ultimatrix. However, he was quickly defeated and reverted back to normal when Ben transformed into Ampfibian and electrocuted him.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Ultimate Kevin appeared in a flashback.

Powers and Abilities[]

Overall, Ultimate Kevin had access to the abilities of every normal and Ultimate alien Ben had in the Ultimatrix during the second season of Ultimate Alien.[DM 2][DM 3] Over time, he would gain new powers and add onto existing ones by absorbing those of the Plumbers' Helpers, Dr. Viktor, and Rock Monsters.[2]

Ultimate Kevin retained his normal counterpart's absorption abilities, being able to absorb powers, energy, and matter.[DM 4][merch 1] Eventually, he even became able to remotely absorb power from a close distance away.[1]

Being part-Methanosian, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Swampfire, such as chlorokinesis and fire generation through igniting methane.[2][5] Tangentially, being part-Pyronite, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Heatblast and Alan Albright, such as fire and heat amplification.[2]

Being part-Sonorosian and Evolved Sonorosian, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Echo Echo and Ultimate Echo Echo, such as sonic screams.[2]

Being part-Vaxasaurian, Evolved Vaxasaurian, To'kustar, Tetramand and various others, Ultimate Kevin had immense strength.[3][1]

Being part-Aerophibian, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Jetray, such as neuroshock blasts.[5][1]

Being part-Necrofriggian, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Big Chill, such as freezing breath, wind breath and intangibility.[1][3][2] Ultimate Kevin also had Big Chill's foldable wings, which allowed him high-speed flight.[3]

Being part-Crystalsapien, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Chromastone, such as energy beams, optic lasers, energy absorption and conversion.[1]

Being part-Cerebrocrustacean and Amperi, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Brainstorm and Ampfibian, such as bio-electrokinesis and generating electrical shields.[5][3][1]

Being part-Polymorph, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Goop, such as gookinetic shapeshifting, body alteration and elasticity.[3][2]

Being part-Biot-savartian, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Lodestar, such as magnetokinesis.[1]

Being part-Petrosapien, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Diamondhead, such as weapon manifestation and crystal shard projectiles.[6][1]

Being part-Appoplexian, Ultimate Kevin had one of Rath's sharp and retractable claws.

Being part-Orishan, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Water Hazard, such as water blasts.[2]

Being part-Geochelone Aerios, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Terraspin, such as aerokinesis, aerokinetic blasts and tornado generation.[1]

Being part-Prypiatosian-B, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as NRG, such as radioactive optic lasers.[2]

Being part-Talpaedan, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Armodrillo, such as jackhammer arms and earthquake generation.[1]

Being part-Evolved Arachnichimp, Ultimate Kevin shared many of the same powers as Ultimate Spidermonkey, such as web spitting and multi-hinged jaws.[2]

After completely draining Gwen's Rock Monsters, Ultimate Kevin was able to project, manipulate and detect mana.[2][2]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin could levitate.[3]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin had immense durability.[1]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin had quick reflexes, being able to grab a missile.[1]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin could survive in space.[3]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin was immune to neuroshock blasts.[3]

Thanks to several of Ben's aliens, Ultimate Kevin was resistant to fire and radiation.[2]

Ultimate Kevin was resistant to strong winds.[3]


Ultimate Kevin was not always aware of the extent of some of his powers or how to use them. He did not use the powers of all of his DNA samples and had to learn how to use certain powers. For example, he was unaware he could phase through the Rust Bucket 3 until Ben pointed it out.[3]

This weakness also applies to his mana manipulation, as his mana seemed to be significantly weaker than that of an experienced mana user like Gwen. While one orb from Ultimate Kevin was able to overpower a single mana projectile from Gwen, it was unable to thoroughly break Gwen's shield, only leaving minor cracks.[1]

If caught by surprise, Ultimate Kevin could be hurt by electricity.[3][2][1][7]

Ultimate Kevin was weak to an Evolved Sonorosian's sonic disks, as Ultimate Echo Echo's "Sonic Doom" attack was the only attack ever capable of knocking Kevin out, and also being one disc blast away from killing him. This seems to indicate he is especially vulnerable to sound-based attacks.[1]

Ultimate Kevin can be immobilized by a Necrofriggian's ice breath.[1]

Ultimate Kevin could have been affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 1]

Ultimate Kevin could have experienced fear at the presence of Toepick's species.[DJW 2]


Ultimate Alien[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Video Games[]

Ultimate Alien[]

Mobile Games[]

Ultimate Alien[]

Video Games[]

Punch Time Explosion[]

In Punch Time Explosion, Ultimate Kevin appears as a boss. In the game's story, Kevin has been turned into Ultimate Kevin by Vilgax. He is returned to normal after being defeated by Ben, Chowder, Mung Daal, and Buttercup.

Punch Time Explosion XL[]

In Punch Time Explosion XL, Ultimate Kevin also appears as Kevin's Punch Time Explosion.


  • Ultimate Kevin's toy doesn't have the wings on his back. This error also occurs in Punch Time Explosion and Punch Time Explosion XL.
  • Ultimate Kevin was the Alien of the Month in December 2011.
    • However, in Australia, Ultimate Kevin was the Alien of the Month in November 2011 rather than Ultimate Echo Echo.
  • Ultimate Kevin did not have access to Alien X's powers due to that form being immediately relocked in the Ultimatrix before the team traveled to the Forge of Creation.[DM 3][DM 5]
  • Ultimate Kevin did not absorb Ultimate Aggregor's powers because he needed to, but because he wanted to.[DM 6]
    • Ultimate Kevin did not change in appearance when he did so because he only absorbed Ultimate Aggregor's energy, not his genetic structure.[DM 7]
    • Aggregor used a machine to change his prisoners into energy so he could absorb all of their power. This was the energy that Ultimate Kevin absorbed.[DM 8]
  • Kevin did not use the same method he was taught to revert from Kevin 11 to get rid of the Ultimate Kevin mutation because he absorbed a great deal more power. It would not have been easy to discharge it, especially when it felt good to absorb more.[DM 9]
  • Aggregor's prisoners did not have consciousness when they were a part of Ultimate Kevin.[DM 10]
  • Greg Cipes did not use a filter to make his voice deeper when he voiced Ultimate Kevin. Instead, he just changed his voice.[DM 11]
  • The crew went through many design concepts for Ultimate Kevin before settling on the final design.[DM 11]
  • Kevin was originally supposed to mutate in Season 2 of Alien Force to save Gwen. However, the original plans were scrapped by network executives and the season ended up being very different from what Dwayne and the crew had hoped to do. Luckily, they came up with something else they liked[ES 1][DM 12] while the original plans involving Ultimate Kevin were later reworked into Ultimate Alien.



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