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Not only can I transform into anything you can, but I can also evolve those creatures to their Ultimate Form.

Albedo, describing the Ultimate Forms to Ben.[1]

Ultimate Forms are the evolved forms of various Ultimatrix aliens, used primarily by Ben in Ultimate Alien and Albedo in Omniverse. All Ultimates have enhanced powers and abilities.

Concept and Creation

The "Evolutionary Function" works by placing the DNA of the selected alien in a simulated scenario, subjecting it to the worst-possible threat over millions of theoretical years in order to "force" evolution in the genetic code to the species' ultimate evolved form.[DM 1] The resultant evolutionary adaptations to this fictional threat scenario are then modified into the existing DNA of the selected alien, thus evolving it into the new Ultimate Form.

This "survival of the fittest" method of simulated evolution ensures that the Ultimate Forms are much more combat-oriented than their normal forms. An example is Ultimate Humungousaur having durable armor on both his head and abdomen, as well as a spiked club at the end of his tail, body parts which normal Humungousaur does not have.

The Evolutionary Feature was added to the Ultimatrix by Albedo after stealing it from Azmuth.[1] When Azmuth saw the Ultimatrix for the first time, his reaction was a comment that the Evolutionary Function was "begging for trouble".[2] He was proven right later when the Ultimate Forms gained sentience and attempted to free themselves from the Ultimatrix.[3]

The Ultimate Forms are not found within the Codon Stream because, strictly speaking, they do not exist in the Prime Timeline as a collectible species. Rather, they are by-products of pre-existing alien DNA.[DM 2][DM 3][DJW 1]

Almost any DNA can be put through the evolution process.[DJW 2]


Ben's Ultimatrix

To activate the Ultimate form, Ben transforms into an alien and then presses the Ultimatrix symbol (occasionally rotating it counter-clockwise before pressing), which makes it unsheathe its four spikes in a diagonal directional formation. Ben is then consumed by a bright green luminescent energy field and goes Ultimate. Ben generally uses the Ultimate feature when a normal alien's powers are insufficient for the situation at hand.

Albedo's Recreated Ultimatrix

To activate the Ultimate form, Albedo selects an alien and activates the transformation function, just like on the original Ultimatrix. However, he is immediately transformed into the Ultimate form directly of that alien without activating them in-between regular forms. Instead of green, the light Albedo is consumed in is red.

Whereas Ben usually reserves the Ultimate feature as a last resort, Albedo seemingly replaces the devolved forms of his aliens with them in order to gain the upper hand whenever he and Ben do battle.

Sentient Forms

In The Ultimate Sacrifice, the six Ultimate Forms that Ben had used most by then gained sentience and demanded their freedom from the Ultimatrix, causing Ben to eventually make the decision to sacrifice his own life to let them escape. Azmuth was impressed by Ben's willingness to sacrifice himself and intervened, freeing the Ultimates while simultaneously saving Ben's life after which he took the Ultimates to a world where they would be free to roam by themselves.

Azmuth prevented the recurrence of the incident by modifying the Ultimatrix in such a way that the Ultimate Forms, as with their normal forms, would simply be "empty shells" occupied by Ben's mind in order to prevent them from gaining sentience.



Ultimatrix (Future)

Ultimate ben character.png

Recreated Ultimatrix


Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Albanian [alien]+Më i Ri/Më e Re From 'më i ri/më e re' meaning 'the newest'
French Ultimate+[alien] From the original English name
Italian Ultra, Evolute (occasionally) Ultra forms, evolved forms
Polish Ostateczne Formy Ultimate Forms
Romanian [alien] + X “X” from the Ultimatrix’s X-like symbol when transformed into an ultimate alien
Spanish (HA) [alien]+Supremo
Máximo+[alien] (The Ultimate Heist)
From supremo, supreme
From máximo, maximum
Spanish (Spain) Ultimate+[alien] From the original English name


  • Some of the Ultimates have completely changed their physical appearance, while some (Cannonbolt, Way Big and Big Chill) simply change their color with some minor extras.
  • Ben is a bit scared of the Ultimates the same way he used to be afraid of Ghostfreak, but thinks they are cool.[DM 4]
  • Ben felt discomfort whenever going Ultimate.[DM 5]
  • The original Ultimatrix's evolutionary feature had nothing to do with the wielder.[DM 6]
  • The evolutionary function drained the original Ultimatrix's battery quicker than regular transformations.[DM 7]
  • The first time the Ultimate function was used, Albedo turned the rim of the Ultimatrix symbol, causing the core to pop out, which he promptly pressed.[1] In some instances, Ben turned the symbol between 45 and 90 degrees counterclockwise before activating it.
  • It was decided from the beginning of development on Omniverse that the current Omnitrix does not have an evolutionary feature.[DJW 3][DJW 4]
    • The Omnitrix is neither able to accept the evolved DNA of Ultimate Forms[DJW 5] nor be transformed into an Ultimatrix by a Polymorphic Crystal.[DJW 6] Because of these factors, Ben will never regain the ability to transform into Ultimate Forms.[DJW 7]
  • If Ben 23 had the Ultimatrix, he would call his Ultimate Forms "Monsterizer Forms".[DJW 8]
  • The Evolutionary Function can be used on the Ultimate Forms themselves for seemingly infinite times, allowing them to evolve even further so that they can adapt to the situation around them. However, the resulting evolutions may not turn out the way the Ultimatrix's user would like.[DJW 9][DR 1]
  • When asked if the Ultimate Forms can be stronger than the Nemetrix aliens, Derrick J. Wyatt answered that it was possible but not probable.[DJW 10]
  • Derrick found the idea of Ultimate Forms existing as natural species in alternate timelines to be interesting and believed it would be possible.[DJW 11]
  • The Evolution Feature could possibly work on Alien X, despite Celestialsapiens having very immense lifespans.[DJW 12]


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