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Ultimate Cannonbolt is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of an Evolved Arburian Pelarota.


Ultimate Cannonbolt looks exactly like Cannonbolt does in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, but he has hard light metallic blue skin. His shell has cylindrical studs that turn into spikes when he goes into his ball form. He has two on each back segment and one on each shoulder, wrist and leg plate. His teeth are similar to Cannonbolt's, but he has two sharp fangs.

Ultimate Cannonbolt's sphere form is similar to Cannonbolt, but grey. The spikes on the armor become pointed when in sphere form.

Ultimate Cannonbolt wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sphere Transformation
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Radiation Immunity

Ultimate Cannonbolt has powers similar to Cannonbolt's, but the former's shell has spikes on it and increased defense and offensive abilities.

Ultimate Cannonbolt has increased speed, momentum, and can bounce higher.

Ultimate Cannonbolt is able to take hits from Sunder's energy axe, only being pushed back.[1]

Ultimate Cannonbolt has enhanced strength, as shown when he smashed Sunder to the ground with his fists with ease.[1]

Ultimate Cannonbolt seems to be able to withstand radiation, as he was able to hold P'andor while Kevin got him back in his containment suit.[2]

Unlike Cannonbolt, Ultimate Cannonbolt cannot be trapped by sticky adhesives due to his spiked shell.

Ultimate Cannonbolt does not lose momentum in his ball form because his spikes give him additional traction.[DM 1]

While Ultimate Cannonbolt has never trained himself to do so, he can fire his spikes as projectiles.[ES 1]


  • Durability Limit
  • Sticky Surfaces

Ultimate Cannonbolt's metal shell makes him more top-heavy than Cannonbolt, meaning that he is somewhat slower and more unbalanced when walking.

Ultimate Cannonbolt can be stuck by sticky surfaces, like mud.[1]

Ultimate Cannonbolt has a durability limit, as a shot from Ultimate Aggregor threw him into a wall.[3]

A Cerebrocrustacean's electrical force field can topple Ultimate Cannonbolt, as demonstrated with his sentient counterpart.[4]


Ultimate Alien


Cartoon Network Action Packs

Video Games

  • Ultimate Cannonbolt in "Galactic Racing"
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt Exosuit in "Project Exonaut"

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Ultimate Cannonbolt is a playable racer in the game.

Project Exonaut

Ultimate Cannonbolt is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut. His Weapon Mod, similar to the Ballista, increases the Bulldog's shots to five instead of just one and adds 4 more shots making it 19 instead of 15. Ultimate Cannonbolt is available for purchase at level 30 for 2000 coins.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic كانون بولت الأقصي
Bulgarian Ултра Топовна Мощ From ултра, ultra, Топовна (Topovna), bolt, and Мощ (Mosht), cannon
Chinese 终极轰天雷 From 终极 (Zhōng Jí), ultimate, and 轰天雷 (Hōng Tiān Léi), "the rolling thunder"
Dutch Ultieme Kanonbal From ultime, ultimate, and kanonbal, cannonbolt
French Ultimate Boulet de Canon From ultimate and boulet de canon, cannonball
German Ultimative Kanonenkugel From ultimative, ultimate, and kanonenkugel, cannonbolt
Greek Απόλυτος Κάνονμπολτ From απόλυτος, ultimate, and κάνονμπολτ, cannonbolt
Polski Ostateczny Kulopłot From ostateczny, ultimate, and kulopłot, cannonbolt
Portuguese (Br) Bala de Canhão Supremo From bala, bullet, canhão, cannon, and supremo, supreme
Russian Ульти Ядро
Высшее ядро
From ульти ядро, ulti ball
From высшее ядро, ultimate ball
Spanish (HA) Cannonbolt Supremo From cannonbolt and supremo, ultimate
Spanish (Spain) Ultimate Rayo From rayo, beam


  • Ultimate Cannonbolt was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt was considered to appear in Season 4 of Omniverse as one of Albedo's transformations, but was cut during production.[DJW 1] Had he appeared, he would have had a unique design compared to his appearance in Ultimate Alien.[DJW 2]
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is the only Ultimate Form introduced in Seasons 1 and 2 of Ultimate Alien that is not playable in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt was replaced by his devolved form for the Omniverse version of Game Creator.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt was the Alien of the Month in May 2011.

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Dwayne McDuffie

Eugene Son

Glenn Wong

Derrick J. Wyatt

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