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Ultimate Ben is the ultimate evolved form of Ben 10,000, just like his aliens have their ultimate forms.


Ultimate Ben's appearance does not change. Instead, the Ultimatrix face is set on the center of his chest with the four prongs that symbolize that the evolutionary function has been activated.

Powers and Abilities

  • Size Altercation
  • Time Rays
  • Ice Breath
  • Fire Projection
  • Ice Entrapment
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Diamond Generation
  • Magic
  • Diamond Projectiles

Ultimate Ben is Ben's most efficient form due to the fact that in this form, Ben can use the powers of his aliens without transforming. This is done by pronouncing the name of any alien he chooses (though it is not necessary) and pressing the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, at which point he gains the powers of the selected alien.

Ultimate Ben's body can adapt to match that of the selected alien, such as when his body frame becomes larger while accessing Ultimate Humungousaur's powers.

Ultimate Ben's natural abilities are increased while accessing certain aliens' powers. These can be seen when he uses Spidermonkey's enhanced agility, Jetray's flight and enhanced strength, and XLR8's enhanced speed.

Ultimate Ben can fire green time rays from his hands capable of sending other beings across time and space while accessing Clockwork's powers.

Ultimate Ben can fire a powerful ice breath from his mouth that isolates targets in ice while accessing Arctiguana's powers.

Ultimate Ben can project blasts of fire from his hands while accessing Heatblast's powers.

Ultimate Ben can generate diamond constructs that can render and fire diamond shard projectiles from his arms while accessing Diamondhead's powers.

Aside from the ability to rapidly switch between alien powers, Ultimate Ben removes the physical vulnerabilities causes by the physiologies of certain alien species.

Spells Used

  • Contego

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Ульти Бен From Ульти Бен, Ulti Ben


  • Ben 10,000 considers Ultimate Ben to be his best transformation.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Ultimate Ben was a really lame idea.[1]


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