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Ultimate Ben is the evolved form of Ben 10,000.


Ultimate Ben's appearance does not change. Instead, the Ultimatrix face is set on the center of his chest with the four prongs that symbolize that the evolutionary function has been activated.

A large hologram of the alien he chooses momentarily appears in green color whenever he accesses their powers.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Ben pronounces the name of any alien he chooses (though it is not necessary) and presses the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest to gain the powers of an alien that he chooses from his Ultimatrix.

Ultimate Ben's size changes depending on the size of his chosen alien, as seen where he accessed Ultimate Humungousaur's powers, Ultimate Ben's body frame increased to match Ultimate Humungousaur.

Aside from the ability to rapidly switch between alien powers, Ultimate Ben removes the physical vulnerabilities causes by the physiologies of certain alien species.

Known Powers Accessed

Spells Used

  • Contego

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Ульти Бен From Ульти Бен, Ulti Ben


  • Ben 10,000 considers Ultimate Ben to be his best transformation.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Ultimate Ben was a really lame idea.[1]


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