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Behold, my people, a hyper-evolved Galvan. I am your new master! The reign of the First Thinker is over, Azmuth. From now on, I am the Ultimate Thinker!

– Ultimate Albedo's declaration to Galvan Prime.[1]

Ultimate Albedo is the artificially evolved form of Albedo's Galvan DNA using the Ultimatrix.


Ultimate Albedo has a huge head, with his brain pushing outwards. He also has noticeably small arms and legs, and as such requires a hovercraft just to move and support his head, but he is still able to stand up in his hovercraft if he lands. He has two tendrils on each of his brows and four on his chin, black lips, and sharp teeth.

Ultimate Albedo has rectangular pupils and a third eye in the middle of his head, just below the Ultimatrix symbol (which, in an unusual first for an Ultimate form, lacks spikes) and two little black and red cyborg-like parts that surround his brain.

Ultimate Albedo's hovercraft is red and has an hourglass design on the front, along with two barreled turrets on the sides.

In For a Few Brains More, after absorbing Azmuth's brain, Ultimate Albedo's brain grew even larger, and the Ultimatrix symbol began to sink into his head.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ultimate Albedo possesses high intelligence, even greater than his devolved form. Because of his evolved intelligence, Ultimate Albedo can predict multiple scenarios and plan for each one.[2]

Ultimate Albedo can fire a powerful energy beam from his third eye. These beams are powerful enough to defeat Eye Guy, Perk Upchuck, and Goop in one shot.[3]

Ultimate Albedo is capable of making forcefields.[1] He can also send out pulse waves of energy capable of pushing objects or opponents away.[2]


Using his hovercraft, Ultimate Albedo can fly.

When Ultimate Albedo absorbed Azmuth's brain, he gained Azmuth's level of intelligence and was eventually able to perceive the existence of the Omniverse and his place in it.[2]

In addition to increased intelligence, absorbing Azmuth's brain also gave Ultimate Albedo a finer control of his existing abilities while also gaining telekinesis and the ability to create energy spheres that could trap opponents.[2]


Due to the size of his head in comparison to his limbs, Ultimate Albedo is completely dependent on his hovercraft for supporting himself.

Despite Ultimate Albedo's increased brainpower, he still does not think things through enough, something that Azmuth himself warned him about. He was completely overwhelmed by Azmuth's added intelligence, thereby making him indecisive and second-guess himself. This further proves that, even with his hyper-evolved brain, Ultimate Albedo still is not as smart as Azmuth.[2]




Season 4[]

Season 8[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Italian Ultra Albedo
Polish Ostateczny Albedo From ostateczny, Ultimate, and Albedo
Portuguese (Br) Albedo Supremo From Albedo Supremo, Supreme Albedo
Romanian Cerebel X From cerebel, cerebellum, and X
Russian Всемогущий Альбедо From Всемогущий Альбедо, Omnipotent Albedo
Spanish (HA) Poderoso Albedo From Poderoso Albedo, Powerful Albedo


  • Unlike most Ultimate Forms, Ultimate Albedo lacks the spikes protruding from his Ultimatrix symbol.
  • Ultimate Albedo's limbs appear to have grown larger in each appearance.
  • In Malgax Attacks, Ultimate Albedo's hovercraft can be seen emitting red energy seen as rings.
  • The subtitles refer to Ultimate Albedo as "Ultimate Grey Matter".
  • The turrets on the sides of Ultimate Albedo's hovercraft are similar to the ones the R.E.D.s have.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt came up with and designed Ultimate Albedo.[DJW 1][DJW 2]
  • Ultimate Albedo's appearance is very similar to, and clearly inspired by, MODOK from Marvel Comics.


Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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