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Tyrannopede[1][2][merch 1] is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria from the planet Terradino.

Tyrannopede's species is the predatory species of Vaxasaurians.


Tyrannopede has a large, segmented purple and gray body and a red head resembling that of a Carnotaurus or a Tyrannosaurus with a horn on her forehead. Tyrannopede has four legs and six small arms with two clawed fingers on them.

Tyrannopede wears a red spiked collar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a Vaxasaurian's natural predator, Tyrannopede has bestial strength, high durability, and powerful jaws, as seen as she is more than capable of manhandling Humungousaur with little effort, also seen when she grabs a replica of a spaceship with only her jaws.

Tyrannopede is extremely heavy, weighing too much for Humungousaur to lift for long. Also, every time Tyrannopede ran around on the top of Khyber's spaceship, it would shake the entire ship.[3]

The horn on Tyrannopede's forehead can shoot webs to trap enemies in a sticky cocoon, which is effective against even Vaxasaurians, their prey.[3]


Tyrannopede is vulnerable to the Hephaestan neuro grip.[3]

Unlike Humungousaur, Tyrannopede cannot alter her size.[DJW 1]

While it won't slow her down to a significant extent, stepping on Segmentasapien blocks will cause pain for Tyrannopede's feet.






Season 1[]
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Khyber's Panuncian[]

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Season 8[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Phacochoerus From phacochère, warthog and saurus, saurus
Hungarian Zsarnokgyík From zsarnok, tyrant and gyík, lizard
Italian Tirannipede From the original English name
Polish Trwogonoga From trwoga, fear and stonoga, centipede
Portuguese (Br) Tyranópode From the original English name
Romanian Tyrannopede From the original English name
Russian Тиранопид From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Tyranópido From the original English name


Tyrannopede is portmanteau of the words tyrannosaur and centipede, literally meaning "Tyrant Legs".


  • Tyrannopede's design is based on Ultimasaurus from the Kenner toy line "Chaos Effect" from Jurassic Park.[DJW 2]
  • Tyrannopede is one of three Nemetrix aliens who do not use the name their species as their own, the other two being Slamworm and Hypnotick.
  • Tyrannopede is the only Nemetrix alien to get an action figure, in this case, he got a figure in the Hyperalien line.



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