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Turrawuste[merch 1] is a desert planet which has two suns, notable for housing a teleportation relay station used by the Highbreed. It is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.[DM 1]


Turrawuste is a desert planet. Most of its surface is covered in sand and littered with rock structures.

Just like large deserts on Earth and like planet Mercury, Turrawuste is extremely hot during the day and brutally cold at night.

Despite the harsh environment, water can be found beneath the sand. Many local creatures also burrow beneath the sand to mitigate the sunshine, suggesting Turrawuste could have a diverse underground landscape.


Alien Force[]

Turrawuste first appeared in Alone Together, after Ben Tennyson and a Highbreed named Reinrassig III were accidentally transported to it due to a malfunctioning Teleporter Pod on Earth. The pod would have normally sent them to a Highbreed teleporter relay station on Turrawuste, where a return pod could take them back, but it instead sent them miles from it, stranding them on the planet. The two were forced to trek the two days' journey needed to get to the relay station, defending themselves against the native creatures and camping for the night. Eventually, they made it to the station; Ben escaped while Reinrassig stayed, wishing to remain in exile.

Sometime later, Reinrassig realized the flaw in the Highbreed's belief of genetic superiority and decided to go back to Augstaka.

Known Inhabitants[]

AT (390)

Unnamed bug species

Most of the fauna on Turrwauste seem to be hostile.

Known Visitors[]


Alien Force[]

Season 1[]


"Wuste" comes from the German word "wüste" which means "desert".


  • Turrawuste doesn't have any sapient species.[DM 1]
  • Turrawuste is used as a relay station for intergalactic transport.[merch 1]



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