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Trunk Man is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of an unnamed elephant-like species from an unknown planet, and is exclusive to Dimension 23.[note 1]


Trunk Man resembles Trombipulor's appearance in Omniverse, except his skin is white, his outfit is blue with yellow circles, and his eyes are blue. The Omnitrix symbol on his waist/belt buckle is blue with a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities

Trunk Man has enhanced strength, being able to fight on-par with Talpaedans,[1] Tetramands, and Vaxasaurians.[2]

Trunk Man has enhanced durability, being able to withstand being hit in the head by a lamp post.[2]

Trunk Man can grow into a massive size when he eats peanuts.[DJW 1] His strength increases with size, as he is able to hold his own against even To'kustars after eating peanuts.[2]

Trunk Man can use his trunk to shot peanuts like a machine gun or suck things up like a vacuum.[2] His trunk is also prehensile.[1]

It is unknown if Trunk Man has enhanced intelligence.


Trunk Man is vulnerable to loud sounds such as the sonic screams of a group of Sonorosians, even more so when he has grown to a large size as his ears too get very large.[2]

Trunk Man can be harmed by intense heat, such as that generated by Prypiatosian-Bs.[3]

It is unknown if Trunk Man is afraid of mice, like stereotype myths of elephants.


Trunk Man's name is derived from his elephant trunk and his man-like ability to walk on two legs.



  1. The transformation, being created by Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt long after the series ended, is non-canon and unofficial.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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