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Transylians are an extraterrestrial species of Frankenstein's Monster-like humanoids from the planet Anur Transyl.


Transylians are a human-like species which resemble Frankenstein's monster. They are made of several different body parts sewn together, as well as various electrical generating equipment and life support technology. Almost all of them have a pair of giant conductors on their back.

Young Transylians like Viktoria don't have giant conductors on their backs.


Anur Transyl used to be the home of two different races: the Transylians and the Vladats.

The Transylians were the Vladats' main source of food, until the Transylians rebelled against the Vladats, using superior technology that they had developed in secret. They hunted all Vladats on Anur Transyl into utter extinction and became the dominant species on Anur Transyl.

Like the other inhabitants of the Anur System, Transylians have become enslaved by the Ectonurites.

At some point, Transylians learned how to harness the lightning from Anur Transyl's giant storms with their own electric powers.[pop-up 1][1]


Depending on the individual, Transylians have a myriad of personalities. However, they commonly share a hatred of Vladats, due to being enslaved by them and used ultimately as food in the past.[2][3]

Transylians are not too friendly towards other-worlders outside the Anur System and view them as monsters.[4]

Transylians view anything hideously ugly as attractive.[5][6]

Powers and Abilities

Transylians are walking electricity/life force generators with electromagnetic bodies, capable of shooting electric bursts, manipulating electromagnetic fields and energy, and even healing others. Their bio-electricity discharge is naturally green.[pop-up 2][1]

Transylian bodies are so far augmented that they can survive in the vacuum of space without any kind of protection, as their muscular bodies, metallic parts and electromagnetic fields protect them from the cold, lack of air, and pressure. Their electromagnetic bodies even allow them to magnetically stick to metal surfaces.

Transylians can connect themselves with technology and machinery, as well as control them with their electricity.

Like all residents of the Anur System, they're immune to Corrodium.


Despite all of their electrokinetic abilities, Transylians cannot absorb electricity.[DJW 1]

Notable Transylians

Notable Transylian Hybrids


The name Transylian is a play on Transylvania.


  • The generators on their backs aren't machines but natural metallic-organic growths.[pop-up 3][1]
  • Similar to how humans have organ donors, Transylians can have their limbs replaced with those from another member of their species, but is much easier with no tissue rejection.[DJW 2]
  • The civilians on Anur Transyl were designed by Tom Perkins.


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