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Earth Location Galleries
Prime Timeline
United States of America
Bellwood Bellwood MuseumBen's HouseBillions Tower • Burger Shack • Baumann's StoreCollins' ManorGwen's HouseKevin's Mother's HouseMadison Elementary SchoolMax's PlumbingMr. SmoothyNemesis Tower • Sara's Italian Deli • Sav Cost
Undertown Argistix Security Inc. • Black Hole • Golden Fist Tournament • Spaceman's Wharf • Y-it's Scooter Rentals
Northwest Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park) • Seattle (Space Needle)
Northeast South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore • Rapid City)
Southwest Nevada (Area 51) • New Mexico (Slaterville)
Southeast Kentucky (Fort Knox) • South Carolina (Digby Dairy)
East Coast New York City (Total Zone) • Niagara Falls • St. Augustine (Fountain of Youth)
Other Bancroft Academy • Camp Opinicon • Friedkin University • Grover's Mill • Hex and Charmcaster's Tower • Los Soledad • Planetary Studios • Santa Mira (Hatchery) • Seal • Sparksville • Thunderclap Diner • Walton • Valadis Laboratories
Other Countries
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) • China (Great Wall of China) • Egypt (Pyramids of Giza) • Greenland • Russia (Moscow) • South America (Dos Santos • Temple of the Sky) • United Kingdom (Big BenHighgate CemeteryHowl's Castle Moving and StorageLondon • Stonehenge) • Zarkovia
23rd Mr. Smoothy • Dagon's Shrine • Extraterrestrial Emporium • HP Lunchkraft
Alternate Dimensions/Timelines
Original Future Timeline Omnitrix City (Ben 10,000's Headquarters)
Race Against Time Timeline Hardware Store Headquarters • Le'Roys
Ultimate Alien Future Timeline Ben 10,000's Headquarters
Dimension 23 Mr. GyroTower 23
Omniverse Future Timeline Omnitrix City (Ben 10,000 Tower)
Games France (Catacombs • Paris) • Italy (Colosseum) • Japan (Tokyo) • South America (Amazon) • United States of America (Devils Tower)
Non-Ben 10
Generator Rex Bob's Biscuit Barn • Bug Jar