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Total Zone is a video arcade that first appeared in Kevin 11 when Grandpa Max, Ben and Gwen first arrived in New York City.


Ben 10

In Kevin 11, after Ben stormed off, he came to Total Zone where he and Gwen first met Kevin Levin.

Ultimate Alien

It made another appearance in Absolute Power: Part 1, having apparently gone out of business sometime during the 6-year timeskip. Around this time, Ultimate Kevin was using the former arcade as his own lair after absorbing the powers from several of the Plumbers Kids, along with trying to regain (or at least maintain) a hold on his dwindling sanity due to the immense power he had absorbed. When Gwen arrived, he pleaded to her that the reason that he came here was to try and keep himself from harming Gwen just before he lost control and attacked her the next instant.

The place was burned down during Gwen and Kevin's intense battle.

Notable Visitors


Ben 10

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien