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Tongue Beetles are a race of gargantuan beetles from the planet Lepidopterra.


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Tongue Beetles are massive orange invertebrates strongly resembling Earth insects. They can grow as large as ten humans high in body alone, double that if the legs are included.


Tongue Beetles live underground, sticking their tongues up into the sky to catch passing prey in a similar fashion to how Bobbit Worms hunt on Earth. Given that they are only shown to actively attempt to eat stolen fruit, this suggests that they are, to some degree, omnivorous. They are defensive of their quarries.


Tongue Beetles have learned to steal Lepidopterran harvests from passersby.

Powers and Abilities

Beetle Tongues

The tongues of hiding Tongue Beetles

The namesake of the Tongue Beetle is their long prehensile tongue, which they use to grab prey flying above the surface.


The only particular weakness Tongue Beetles are shown to possess is that they are not as fast as a Lepidopterrans, meaning that Lepidopterrans can easily escape from their lairs.

Notable Tongue Beetles

  • Lepidopterra natives
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