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Toepick's Species are an unnamed species from an unknown planet.


Members of this species are ogre-like aliens with yellowish-green skin, weed-like spikes on their arms, and pointed fingertips. Their faces are hidden behind metal cages due to how horrifying they look to anyone who sees them face-to-face. These faces are supposed to resemble an eldritch horror.[DJW 1] They also have a layer of tentacles that covers their true faces.[DJW 2]

Connected to this cage is their armor, which wraps around their shoulders and goes halfway down the chest, and is connected to their pants by chains. Their pants are a simple pair of black briefs, with a metal waistline matching the color of their armor.

On their home planet, instead of their helmet, members of this species wear various head coverings.[DJW 3]


This species eats organic food.[DJW 4]

Powers and Abilities

This species' only known way of defeating their enemies is with their extremely scary faces, which tap into the primordial fears locked in all beings' subconscious and primitive brains.[DJW 5] Their faces are so hideously horrifying that almost no being in the known universe can look at it without being scared to the point of turning pale white. If someone were to take a photograph of this species' face, the picture would come out blurry, but it would still make people uneasy.[DJW 6]

The sight of this species' face can cause adverse effects.[DJW 7] The most common of these effects are the inducement of terror and insanity, as a Dwarf Star-powered Psyphon was so terrified by Toepick's face that he begged him to stay away in-between screams of terror.[1]

This species can also induce nausea, as shown when Argit vomited several things he had eaten.[2]

This species can counteract forces that feed on fear, as Zombozo found it impossible not to be scared of his face.[3]

Other beings such as Ectonurites,[DJW 8] Loboans, Thep Khufans, Transylians, Vladats, Ormerowons,[DJW 9] Appoplexians,[DJW 10] and even a Celestialsapien's personalities[DJW 11] can be terrified by this species. Depending on the time, Maltruant can also be scared by this species.[DJW 12]

This species has a type of layered multiphasic eyesight that makes his already mediocre vision even worse when looking at multidimensional or unknowable sights,[DJW 13] meaning that they cannot be frightened by their own faces if they were to look into anything reflective.

This species is able to bulge their eyes outwards,[DJW 2] and in addition to their faces, they can also produce a series of horrifying sounds for extra terror.

When this species' helmets prepare to open, they release small amounts of green gases. They are also incredibly difficult to damage.[DJW 14]

This species has a degree of enhanced strength, enough to lift a car.[DJW 15][DJW 16]


Despite not being afraid of their own faces, Ken finds Toepick's face to be so gross that he did not want to turn into him when he received his own Omnitrix.[4]

Due to being too heavy, this species can easily lose balance.[3]

Blind beings such as Vulpimancers would be immune to their faces.[DJW 17] Similarly, deaf beings would be immune to their sounds.

Despite having a layer of tentacles covering their face, this species cannot use their tentacles to attack blind beings.[DJW 18]

Beings that lack sapient emotion or survival instincts, such as drones and robots, would be immune to this species' faces and sounds as well. However, it would invoke some sort of defensive reaction from them.[MW 1]

This species has below-average reflexes, making it possible to sneak up on them and attack before they have time to open their cage.[1]

There are certain beings this species is unable to scare, such as Ma Vreedle because "she [has] seen worse"[DJW 19] and Dagon.[DJW 20]

Professor Paradox can see this species' faces clearly. It is not an unknowable horror to him, therefore he is able to overcome his initial fears.[DJW 21]

As mentioned above, this species' vision is considered worse than mediocre, making it difficult for them to see.

Notable Members


  • Toepick's species is scared of Ma Vreedle.[DJW 23]
  • Toepick's species is not from the Anur System.[DJW 24][DJW 25]
    • As for the planet they come from, little is known about it other apart from it being dark.[DJW 26]
  • Toepick's species does not visit other planets, nor do other species visit their planet, because they are reclusive.[DJW 27]
  • Toepick's species smells like feet.[DJW 28]
  • The enhanced version of Ken 10 featured pop-up trivia telling the viewer that they "don't even want to know about Toepick" when Ken transforms into Spitter.[pop-up 1][4]
    • Due to fan misconceptions, it was believed that pop-up trivia confirmed that Toepick had acid powers, when that was never the case. Nevertheless, these powers were forgotten about by the time Toepick was incorporated into Omniverse, as Derrick tried to get a list of all those pop-up facts a couple times but never got them.[DJW 29] Despite that, Derrick believed that Toepick still has acid powers.[DJW 30]


Derrick J. Wyatt

Matt Wayne


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