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Toepick's species are an unnamed species from an unknown planet.


Members of this species are ogre-like aliens with yellowish-green skin, weed-like spikes on their arms, and pointed fingertips. Their faces are hidden behind metal cages due to how horrifying they look to anyone who sees them face-to-face. These faces are supposed to resemble an eldritch horror.[DJW 1] Connected to this cage is their armor, which wraps around their shoulders and goes halfway down the chest, and is connected to their pants by chains. Their pants are a simple pair of black briefs, with a metal waistline matching the color of their armor.

Powers and Abilities

The faces of this species are so horrifying and hideous that no one can look at them without being scared to the point of turning pale white. The sight of their faces can cause adverse effects including fear, sickness, and madness. If someone were to take a photograph of this species' face the picture would come out blurry, but it would still make people uneasy.[DJW 2]

In addition to their face, this species can produce horrifying sounds in order to induce terror.

This species' faces can counteract forces that feed on other beings' fear.

This species' faces taps into the primordial fears locked in all beings' subconscious and primitive brains. Ectonurites (including Zs'Skayr),[DJW 3] Chimera Sui Generi (including Vilgax),[DJW 3] and even Celestialsapien personalities can be frightened by this species.[DJW 4]

This species has a degree of enhanced strength, enough to lift a car.

They can also produce a series of frightening sounds.

When they open their cages, it releases a small amount of green gases.


This species can be scared of their own faces if they look at themselves using a reflective material.

This species is relatively heavy, meaning that they can easily lose balance. They also have below-average reflexes, making it easy for enemies to sneak up on them before they open their cages.

Beings that lack sapient emotion or survival instincts, such as drones and robots, would be immune to this species' fear-inducing abilities. However, it would invoke some sort of defensive reaction from them.

Ma Vreedle cannot be scared by this species because "[she has] seen worse".


This species eats organic food.[DJW 5]

Notable Members



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Derrick J. Wyatt

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