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Toepick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Toepick is a greenish yellow-skinned, ogre-like alien with a dark green metal cage helmet on his head. The metal helmet has two horns protruding from the sides of it, and also a crest that resembles a toenail in shape. The cage's door has five bars, three of which are in the center of the door. It opens in two halves, with the lock in the very center of the door, staying on the right half. Connected to this cage is Toepick's armor, which wraps around his shoulders and goes halfway down his chest and is connected to his pants by chains. His pants are a simple pair of black briefs, with a metal waistline matching the color of Toepick's armor with white bolts on it. Toepick's arms are long and misshapen, with weed-like spikes coming out of them and his fingertips are pointy. Toepick also has a visible belly button, and the glow from his green eyes can be seen through his helmet's bars. Inside his helmet is Toepick's terrifying face, which is supposed to resemble an eldritch horror.[DJW 1]

Toepick's Omnitrix symbol is on the helmet's extension covering his chest, with two green metallic protrusions accompanying the symbol on both sides.

Powers and Abilities

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Toepick scaring Psyphon with his gross and scary face

Toepick's only known way of defeating his enemies is with his extremely scary face. Toepick's face is so hideously horrifying that almost no being in the known universe can look at it without being scared to the point of turning pale white. The sight of Toepick's face can also cause adverse effects, including fear, sickness, or even madness.[DJW 2]

In addition to his face, Toepick can also produce a series of horrifying sounds for extra terror.

When Toepick showed his face to a Dwarf Star-powered Psyphon, he was so terrified that he begged Toepick to leave him alone in-between screams of terror.[1] When Toepick was used against Zombozo, who feeds on fear, he found it impossible not to be scared of his face.[2] Additionally, when Toepick was used to get Psyphon to release Argit, the latter merely suffered sickness from seeing Toepick's face and managed to vomit several things he had eaten.[3]

Toepick's face taps into the primordial fears locked in all beings' subconscious and primitive brains.[DJW 3] Even Celestialsapiens can be terrified by Toepick's face.[DJW 4]


Toepick can be scared by his own face if he looks into anything reflective.

Due to him being too heavy, Toepick can easily lose balance.[2]

Blind or deaf beings would be immune to Toepick's face or sounds.

Beings that lack sapient emotion or survival instincts, such as drones and robots, would be immune to Toepick's face and sounds as well. However, it would invoke some sort of defensive reaction from them.[MW 1]

Apart from his incredibly scary face and sounds, Toepick seems to have no other skills in combat, making it possible to sneak up on him and attack before he has time to open his cage.[1]

Ma Vreedle is not scared of Toepick because "she's seen worse".[DJW 5]




Ben 10: Omniverse

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Тоупик From the original English name
Chinese 托比 Transcription; pronounced Tuō Bǐ
French Pince-Orteil From pince, claw, and orteil, toe
German Stinkzeh From stinkzeh, stinktoe
Greek Συλλεκτής Νυχιών From συλλέγω, pick, and νύχι, toe
Hungarian Ujjcsákány From ujj, finger, and csákány, pickaxe
Portuguese (Br) Frieira
Espantóide (Omniverse)
From frieira, chilblain
From espanto, astonishment. and -óide, "similar to"
Romanian scobitoare de picioare toepick
Russian Тоепик
From the original English name
From напальчник, fingertip
Spanish (HA) Toepick From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Hurgapiés From hurga, poke, and piés, feet


His action figure's voice box allows you to hear him say "You can pick your friends, you can pick your toes, but you can't pick your friend's toes." This is a play on the phrase "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."


  • Toepick is Ben's scariest alien.[DJW 6]
  • Incorporating Toepick into Omniverse and giving him a physical form and powers was Derrick J. Wyatt's idea.[DJW 7]
  • From Arc 4 of Omniverse onwards, Toepick replaces Way Big in the opening intro of the show, particularly in the part where the latter initially appeared alongside Shocksquatch, Bloxx, and Crashhopper.
  • When the cage on Toepick's head opens, sounds of terrified screams, agonized wailing, roaring, unholy groans and wails, hissing, and deep demonic laughter can be heard until the cage is once again closed or when Toepick turns into another alien.
    • This power and the execution of it greatly resembles that of Yukk from the 1979 cartoon "Mighty Man and Yukk", apart from the noises coming from Toepick and the destructive power of Yukk's face compared to that of Toepick's.
  • Toepick's appearance is similar to Hades from the God of War franchise. Both are tall, have cages on their heads, are fat and have fearful faces, with the only difference being that Hades' face can be seen in God of War III. Hades' is covered with spikes going through him.
  • It is implied that Toepick was never locked in the Omnitrix.[DJW 2] This is backed up by his first on-screen appearance, where Ben appeared to already know how to utilize his abilities.


Crew Statements

Matt Wayne

Derrick J. Wyatt

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