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Todd is a character in Ben 10.


He is a man with brown hair and black eyes. He wears a light blue collared shirt and khaki pants.


Todd shows his deep love for Sally. He always is seen spending time with her, but when Ben ruins their moments, he stops liking her, but ends up liking her again.


From the beginning of the series, it is shown how Todd and Sally were a couple, and Todd even proposed to Sally. However, when the Hydromander attacked, it ruined their moment, so they decide to postpone their wedding.

Todd and Sally's next known date occurred in the episode Ben 24hrs, where the couple visited Adrenaland. Everything seemed to be going well until Ben, transformed into Overflow, was asleep and sleepwalking and accidentally attacked them with a stream of water. Todd protected himself by using Sally as a shield, leaving her drenched and angry at Todd and Ben.

In Cutting Corners, Todd and Sally have another date in a park, but it is ruined by the attacks of the Boblins that Ben released.

At Hole in 10, Todd and Sally go to play mini golf. Sally asks Todd not to be distracted, reminding him of what the doctor told her. However, when the Ground Hawg Gang started to emerge from the ground, a tank of water almost falls on them, but they are saved by Diamondhead. When Sally sees Ben in his Diamond form, she is stressed by seeing him because whenever they meet him, danger appears and they have to go, both Todd and Sally, back to the doctor.

After hanging out with Sally, they decide to go on a new date at a car-theater in the episode Creature Feature. This time, their date was ruined by the monster The That, when he lifts their car. After being saved by Diamante, Todd and Sally leave the place saying that they would not know how to explain what happened to the insurance company.

In Dreamtime, Todd and Sally decide to go camping and meet Melvin and Tevin. The couple explain that they, too, are on a nationwide vacation and have the worst luck of all and, right at that moment, they get a flood of Omni-Enhanced Overflow, ruining the night for the four of them.

In Speechless on the Seine, Todd and Sally decide to travel to Paris to have a romantic date, and they meet Ben again, although this time they were not involved in an accident. However, after this episode, Sally decides to break up with Todd.


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  • In every episode he appears with Sally, their time is directly or indirectly ruined by Ben (except in Hole in 10).
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