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To'kustars are a species who are created during unpredictable cosmic storms.[pop-up 1][1]


To'kustars are gigantic humanoid creatures with four-fingered hands and extremely muscular bodies that generally have a white base color for their body, face, limbs, and hands with details such as their torso and legs stripes, shoulder spots, stum-like feet, head and shoulder blades, in a primary or secondary color. Some of them have pieces of metal colored armor.[DJW 1]

The only exceptions to this are Evil Way Big and the Way Bads, who all have a grey base color.


To'kustars are nonviolent beings, and so are commonly known as "gentle giants".

To'kustars live alone at the edge of the galaxy, silently guarding against threats from beyond.[DJW 2]

Powers and Abilities

To'kustars are very strong (even for their size), being able to hurl targets into orbits from planets with an atmosphere as thick as Earth's,[MW 1] as shown when Way Big defeated Vilgax (who was Way Big's size at the time) and threw him into orbit.[2] They can even lift objects larger and heavier than them, as Way Big managed to lift the Hyperspace Jump Gate.[3]

Technically speaking, a single To'kustar is powerful enough to destroy a small planet.[JK 1] Larger planets would require a squad of To'kustars.[DR 1]

To'kustars have great durability, being able to withstand attacks from enemies while barely even feeling them. They are also resistant to extreme temperatures.

To'kustars can jump very high. They also have extremely quick reflexes, as Way Big was able to react to Milleous's Incursean Conquest Ray.[4]

To'kustars can shoot powerful cosmic rays[DM 1] from the outer edge of their right hands by crossing their arms together.[note 1]

Due to the nature of this species' creation, To'kustars can survive in the vacuum of space.

To'kustars have enhanced speed, similar to Kinecelerans and Citrakayahs, albeit with them leaving a red and white trail behind.[5][note 2] To'kustars also have massive stride, so they can get to their destination quicker than other species.[DJW 4]


If a To'kustar's head fin is damaged, it causes paralyzing pain throughout their body.[6]

Despite their immense durability, To'kustars are still vulnerable to foes with sufficient strength.

A Kineceleran can create a tornado powerful enough to lift a To'kustar, as demonstrated by the Way Bads.[4]

To'kustars are vulnerable to electricity, which can incapacitate them.[6][7]

Like other organic beings, To'kustars are vulnerable to being aged to dust by the time rays of a Chronosapien or a Chronian.[8]

Small beings that are as small as a Nanochip can go inside To'kustars head and attack them.[9]

When fighting, To'kustars can easily destroy buildings around them, sometimes causing tremendous amounts of harm.

To'kustars can be harmed by Argit's quills, as also demonstrated with the Way Bads.[4]

To'kustars are vulnerable to their predator, an unnamed virus.[DJW 5]

To'kustars can be controlled by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[DJW 6]

To'kustars can be harmed by high-pitched noises, such as a Sonorosian's sonic screams, if they were to get close enough to their ears.[DJW 7] This weakness was first referenced when Shocksquatch made an unsuccessful attempt at attacking a Way Bad using a megaphone made from Echo Echo's DNA.[10]

A To'kustar can be eaten by a Gourmand, though they would first have to be chopped up into bite-sized chunks.[DJW 8]

To'kustars can be subdued by the Hephestan Neuro Grip, but only if this move were to be performed by beings with hands much bigger than Slapstrike's.[DJW 9][DJW 10]

Notable To'kustars

Notable Mutated To'kustars

Notable To'kustar Hybrids

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) To'kustar
Kustar (The Frogs of War: Part 1)
To'kuestrella (said by Servantis in Weapon XI: Part 2 and by Rook in Rook Tales)
From the original English name; pronounced /'tokʊstar/ or /tokʊs'tar/.
Dub error; pronounced /kʊs'tar/.
From toku (see Etymology) and estrella, star.


The name To'kustar is a play on "tokusatsu" a genre of Japanese cinema that relies on special effects which is often shortened to "toku" and the word star. To'kustars are similar visually and in power set to the original Ultraman, a "Star" of the "Toku" genre.



  1. In Ultimate Alien, the To'kustars' cosmic ray attack was executed by crossing their arms in an "L" shape, with their right forearm vertical and left forearm horizontal in front of it and the thumb edge of their hands facing their body. In Omniverse, this move is slightly revised, as To'kustars now cross their arms in an "X" shape.
  2. According to Derrick J. Wyatt, enhanced speed is a glitch power caused by a glitch with the original Ultimatrix. This ability was removed from Way Big's DNA when Ben acquired the new Omnitrix in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2.[DJW 3] However, it is unknown if this is canon as Matt Wayne seemed to be unaware of the existence of glitch powers.[MW 2]


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