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The Titan Gauntlets were a magical pair of gauntlets known for their destructive power that appeared in Freaky Gwen Ben. They were destroyed by Upgrade.


They are a yellow metallic pair of gauntlets. The tips of the fingers are sharp and gears are located on the back of each hand.


Titan Gauntlets can increase the owner's power by 100 times.[1] They grant enhanced strength and the power to remodel the Earth (for example turning a mountain in to a plain.)


The Titan Gauntlets appeared in Freaky Gwen Ben, in the possession of the Hippie Vendor. After Hex found out where they were, he attacked the Swap Meet and switched Ben and Gwen's minds, making Ben (in Gwen's body) have no other choice than to equip the gauntlets. After fighting against Hex for a few minuets, he was defeated and Hex took the gauntlets. Hex was then overwhelmed with power and went on a brief destructive rampage before Gwen as Upgrade destroyed the gauntlets.


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