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Time Heals is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the forty-fourth episode overall.


Gwen travels back in time to prevent the accident that turned Kevin into a monster from ever happening. But she ends up altering history forever.[CN 1]


The episode begins with Gwen, who is dressed as Lucky Girl, sneaking into Hex's library and removes the Archamada Book of Magic from the shelf. Then, Hex enters the library, but he does not see anything. Charmcaster enters as well and assures him that there is nothing there. Gwen escapes with the book.

Ben and Kevin want to get into Gwen's house to watch football, but she isn't inside. Kevin accidentally breaks the doorbell and Gwen arrives and lets them in, although she appears to be distracted. Kevin thinks that her dismissal means that she doesn't like him anymore. In her room, Gwen uses the book to cast a spell, but she is interrupted by Professor Paradox, who cautions her not to cast her spell, which is a time travelling spell she intends to use to go back in time and prevent Kevin from mutating. Paradox tells Gwen that her meddling with the past will not have a good outcome, and that she doesn't have to do anything. Gwen doesn't listen and Paradox leaves before she casts the spell, which opens up a time vortex that sucks her in.

Gwen emerges in the garage when Ben and Kevin try to hack the Omnitrix with a machine. Time stops for everyone in the garage except for Gwen and her past self. Gwen tells her past self to prevent Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix and she manages to do so. She returns to the present to discover Bellwood in a state of ruin, with a recording of Hex telling citizens to surrender and Rock Monsters that are everywhere. Two Rock Monsters then attack Gwen.

TH (259)

Bellwood under the rule of Hex

Gwen defeats the Rock Monsters, only for her to be chased by three more. Gwen evades the Rock Monsters, but she bumps into another one. Gwen destroys the Rock Monster and escapes. While exploring, Gwen encounters another Rock Monster, but she avoids it. Gwen then goes to Mr. Smoothy and tries to call Ben, but he doesn't answer his phone. Gwen saves a group of boys from a Rock Monster, and they run away. Gwen then goes to Kevin's garage and finds his car destroyed. A swarm of Rock Monsters attack Gwen there and she runs. Gwen sees a city street covered in Hex propaganda and Paradox arrives, telling Gwen that Kevin was too weak to stop Hex, so he took over the world. He brings her to Hex's tower and tells her that Charmcaster enslaved Kevin and transformed him into a Rock Monster and says that Ben was captured, and that she was killed. Gwen watches Charmcaster abuse Kevin in horror and vows to save him. Paradox tells her that stealing the book won't be as easy this time, but she runs off anyway. Gwen is attacked by Charmcaster, who is surprised to see her.

TH (358)

"Killing me is not cool!"

Gwen manages to block Charmcaster's attack and knocks her down. She enters the library and Hex appears, having expected her arrival. Charmcaster comes in and wants to fight Gwen. Hex tells her to be patient. Gwen attacks her and she summons Kevin to fight Gwen. Kevin attacks Gwen and she cuts through the floor. On the bottom floor, a dungeon, Gwen sees that Spidermonkey is tied up. Gwen frees Spidermonkey and he transforms back into Ben. Ben is surprised to see Gwen due to the fact that he believed that she was dead. Then, Charmcaster, a Rock Monster, and Kevin arrive into the dungeon and Ben wants to fight Charmcaster and he transforms into Swampfire. Swampfire and Charmcaster fight, and Kevin attacks Gwen and she defeats him. Hex arrives and Swampfire drops the ceiling on him. Gwen takes the book and Swampfire transform into Ben. Gwen tells Ben to hold off Hex and Charmcaster while she casts a spell. Gwen runs away with the book and casts the time spell before Hex can stop her. Gwen stops herself from making her preventing Kevin and Ben from hacking the Omnitrix and she erases her younger self's memory and leaves. Back in the present, everything is normal. The team heads to Mr. Smoothy and Paradox appears, assuring Gwen that everything is fine.

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Spells Used[]

By Gwen[]

  • Ortus
  • Ortus expositus
  • Quis quondam eram afflictus. Iam vicis mos redintegro. Quis venit pro, mos nusquam esse. (x3; first time was interrupted)

By Charmcaster (Time Heals Timeline)[]

  • Tempestas


Paradox: There's an old saying in my field; Time travel is only for immortals and fools. And I speak from experience.
Gwen: Professor Paradox?
Paradox: Hello, Gwen.
Gwen: What are you doing here?
Paradox: I'm about to warn you not to go through with this plan of yours. (Looks at his pocket watch) See, I just did. Right on schedule. Now comes the part where you tell me...
Gwen: This spell can send me back in time! Back when Ben and Kevin tried to hack the Omnitrix!
Paradox: Yes, and you think if you can stop them there won't be any explosion and Kevin won't be transformed into a monster. And everything will be wonderful again!
Gwen: Yes!
Paradox: No! Generally, two out of three isn't bad, but in this case however... Trust me, Gwendolyn. Don't do this!
Gwen: But I haven't been able to cure Kevin with my magic. It's the only way.
Paradox: There's always another way. In fact, sometimes to do something, all you need to do is nothing.
Gwen: (starts crying) You're not making any sense.
Paradox: I'm often accused of that, but I'm the time walker and I'm generally quite well informed on these matters.
Gwen: I have to do this.
Paradox: I suppose you do. But mark my words, Gwen Tennyson. You are about to unleash forces that you can neither comprehend nor control. Toodle-doo.

Paradox: (to Gwen) I warned you that time travel is for immortals and fools. I'm the only immortal hereabouts. You do the math.

Gwen: And Ben?
Paradox: He fought bravely, but eventually, they caught him too. Pity. After you died, he was the planet's last hope.
Gwen: No! Dead?! Me?!
Paradox: Yes! Dead! You! Why are we talking this way?

Charmcaster: Gwen Tennyson? No way!
Gwen: Why so surprised?
Charmcaster: Cause I killed you once. And now, I'm gonna do it again!

Gwen: (after fighting Charmcaster and sending her to the ground) Killing me is not cool! (hits Charmcaster with her mana again)

Gwen : (as she gets up from the ground and looks around, she sees Spidermonkey, who is moaning softly with pain, hanging from his wrists from the wall. She gasps) Ben! (she runs to him and uses her powers to break the chains holding Ben, who falls to the floor and switches back to his human form, his eyes closed. Gwen helps him sit up, as Ben opens his eyes)
Ben: (weakly, in a faint voice) Gwen? But...I saw were fighting her and she...
Gwen: I know, Ben...Its all my fault...
Ben: (Still in pain) but I don't understand.
Gwen: The Omnitrix... when it blew up... only it didn't... but it should have and would have if only I hadn't tried to fix everything.
Ben: I know I'm kinda messed up, but you're not making any sense.
Gwen: I'll explain as soon as I get you out of here.
(They stand up and move two steps but Charmcaster breaks through the wall with a Rock Monster and Kevin)
Charmcaster: Oh sure, like that's gonna happen.

Hex: It's time to write the last chapter in this sad little saga.
Swampfire: Thanks anyway, Hex, but I'm not much of a reader! (lets loose a jet of fire which causes the ceiling above Hex to crumble and knocks Hex out...Gwen summons the book of spells)
Swampfire: Let's get out of here, before they have a chance to- (the Omnitrix crackles with sparks as Swampfire falls to the floor in a curled position, and Ben turns back into human and moans in pain as Gwen kneels beside him, her hand on his back)

Ben: (to Gwen) You handle the Rock Monsters, I'll take Charmcaster.(suddenly bends over, gasps in pain, and puts a hand to his chest, his eyes closed)
Gwen : (holding on to Ben's arm) No, Ben, you're hurt.
Ben : (standing upright again, but still looking as if he's in pain) I've already lost you once. Not gonna let that happen again.

Past Gwen 1: (conversation continues)...Are you sure?
Past Gwen 2: You will never forgive yourself if you let this happen.
Gwen (Original): Don't listen to her! I'm from her future and she doesn't know what she's talking about!
Past Gwen 2: Oh, come on! How do I know you're not an impostor?
Gwen: Ugh, the lock on our locker is broken, we just leave it hanging there so it looks closed...
Past Gwen 2: Alright, you're me...but I still think we should save Kevin.
Past Gwen 1: You guys need to make up our mind!
Gwen: Already done. Paradox was right! We have to let it happen the way it did the first time.
Past Gwen 2: We can't keep Kevin from mutating?
Gwen: No... we can't, (puts hand on Past Gwen 1's forehead and wipes memory) and just to make sure she doesn't try—I'll make her forget everything that happened... (turns her around and walks off with Past Gwen #2) Come on...(walks off) we don't belong here...


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson (Time Heals Timeline)
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson (Time Heals Timeline)
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Kevin Levin (Time Heals Timeline)
Dee Bradley Baker Swampfire
Rock Monsters
Khary Payton Hex
Hex (Time Heals Timeline)
Kari Wahlgren Charmcaster
Charmcaster (Time Heals Timeline)
David McCallum Professor Paradox

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Le Temps Guérit les Blessures Time Heals Wounds
Hungarian Időutazás Time Travel
Italian Il tempo guarisce tutte le ferite
Polish Czas Leczy Time Heals
Portuguese (Br) O Tempo Cura The Time Heals
Romanian Timpul Vindecă Orice Rană Time Heals Any Wound
Spanish (HA) El Tiempo Cura The Time Heals
Spanish (Spain) El Tiempo Cura The Time Heals
Turkish Zaman Düzenlemeleri Time Regulations



  • Although Kevin removes his ID Mask in one shot, it is missing from his hand in the next shot.
  • Before Gwen casts the time travelling spell the first two times, she draws a triangle on the ground with chalk, and lights candles at each end of the triangle. However, when she casts it the third time, the spell works without her doing it.
  • When the Rock Monsters destroy Gwen's house door, Gwen flees, but the door is intact when the exterior is shown.
  • When Gwen frees Spidermonkey, she is facing the wall behind him and he has his back to it, but in the next shot, they have both turned around.
  • Swampfire's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Charmcaster counters Swampfire's fire blast with a water blast, she has blue eyes.
  • When Swampfire shoots the ceiling above Hex, it is intact, even though it was open by Gwen's carving when he came in.
  • When Ben is about to transform to battle Hex and Charmcaster, no holograms appear on the Omnitrix.
  • When Gwen goes back in time for the second time, in the establishing shot of Kevin's garage, his car is missing even though it should be there.



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