Time Cycles, or Time Bikes, are time travel vehicles that enable the driver to travel through space and time. They were built by UpRigg from Ben and Rook's destroyed Tenn-Speed and Proto-TRUK.


They take the form of futuristic looking motorcycles with Ben's being colored green and white and Rook's being orange and white. The two bikes can also combine into one airborne vehicle, with the front wheels turning into wings and the back wheels into propulsion jets.


The vehicles have the capability to travel through space-time, giving the user instantaneous travel. They are also impervious to time attacks. They are capable of de-aging an opponent into infancy and deploying nets for capture.


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  • The Time Cycles were engineered and designed by Alex Kubalsky, colored by Chris Hooten and Alex Diltz did the final designs.[1]


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