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I have many names. Guardian! Protector! But you, citizen, can call me Tim Buktu!

– Tim to a citizen.

Tim Buktu is a villain in Ben 10 who first appeared in Villain Time.


Tim Buktu has a slightly overweight body, black hair, and a pair of black eyes. He wears a ripped white shirt, along with brown shorts.


Tim Buktu is very selfish, and was willing to ditch a drowning Ben for his own benefit. He is also shown to endanger the lives of children just to discredit Ben. He is also a coward and obsessed with fame, willing to do anything to gain fame and attention for himself.


Tim Buktu makes his debut in Villain Time, where he starts various incidents to make himself look like a hero. One of his incidents accidentally broke a dam, and this forced him to work with Ben to repair it. He is sent to prison because of these incidents.

In Safari Sa'Bad, where he uses puppets to control Ben. He attempts to ruin things, but he is soon defeated.

In Half-Sies, he is briefly seen in prison, telling Maurice and Sydney to quiet down.

In Big in Japan, Tim is back to his old tricks, controlling a Japanese Dragon to attack a city, and saving it. Pretending to be the hero. He is soon exposed by Ben, and he uses his Mech to fight him. Soon, Tim Buktu leaves, escaping knowing that he's been defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Tim Buktu is skilled with using various devices and weapons, such as Mechnical wings and special fluids. He also has above-human strength, being able to lift a boulder, albeit with a great deal of effort.


Tim Buktu has many different kinds of nature-based weapons, such as poisonous blow-darts, tarpit-bombs, and mechanical wings similar in appearance to a bat. It is currently unknown if he made these himself. He used to have a hypo totem, but Heatblast burned it.

Tim created a voodoo doll that lets him take over Ben, letting him control Ben's actions even while transformed.[1]

Tim received a suit from Phil Jr. that allowed him to travel back one second in time. It allowed him to fix small mistakes such as getting hit by objects or falling.[2]


Since Tim doesn't have any real powers, if someone were to take away his items, he would be powerless.

Tim's narcissistic and cowardly nature can backfire, making it easier for his opponents to defeat him.


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Timbuktu is a historical city in the West African nation of Mali.


  • Tim Buktu is similar to Carl Nesmith. Both of them set up scenarios in order to make themselves popular, and both are disgraced by the end of their debut episodes.
  • Tim Buktu has a podcast that he co-hosts with Gwen.[2]
  • According to himself, he is in his 20s.[3]
  • He was inspired by Bruce Campbell.[DR 1]


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