• While I understand that you want to use gerunds as much as possible to bring homogeneity to the list of powers, don't overuse them. You are using nouns as adjectives and verbs as nouns. Individually, they are grammatically ok, but added together they just sound peculiar and aberrant. Case in point, "Arachnichimp Webbing Melting" or "Small Space Maneuvering". It's much better and clearer if you use the regular verb forms, followed by the object (noun): "Melting Arachnichimp Webs" or "Maneuvering in Small Spaces"

    What would you rather say: Small Space Maneuvering is an ability of Grey Matter vs. Maneuvering in small spaces is an ability of Grey Matter.

    You see what I am saying? It becomes especially clear when we switch the subject and object. Grey Matter can maneuvre in small spaces vs. Grey matter can do small space maneuvering (?) or perhaps Grey Matter possesses small space maneuvering ability. (again, doesn't make much sense)

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    • I see whatcha mean, but I'm just really, really stuck to "the old way" of Ben 10 Wiki haha

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    • "The old way" of Ben 10 Wiki was describing the photo eg."Grey Matter using his technical intelligence" or "XLR8 generating a vortex"

      Anyway, now that you understand what I mean, hope you will follow that in future edits.

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    • I'll try. Thanks for the heads-up!

      Thats not what i meant by old way though

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    • A FANDOM user
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