• And according to the fandom retconning Jetray,making Kevin's backstory so convoluted,and letting Atomic X succumb to the ChronoSapian time bomb were ALL stupid ideas so maybe don't take a lot of stock in Derek J. Wyatt's opinions

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    • Yeah, Wyatt does say a lot of stupid and questionable stuff. Though, I must correct you on the following:

      1. What exactly do you mean when you say Jetray was "retconned"? Just because he never appeared even once in Omniverse doesn't mean he was retconned out of existence like Kenny's sister was. Plus, Jetray was mentioned at least three times in the show.

      2. I don't think I ever heard anyone say Atomic-X getting erased out of existence by the time bomb was necessarily a stupid idea, rather they thought it was a plot hole because he's part Celestialsapien, a species that is considered to be omnipotent, meaning he could've easily stopped the time bomb's destruction. I believe some people have stated that it was because Atomic-X's "omnipotence" was split in half, because again, he's only part Celestialsapien, or something down those lines.

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