• Please do not post images of the aliens' powers out of order. As Omniverse is the most recent Classic Continuity series, images from that series should be used over ones from the previous series. You've been doing this for a while and our other editors have had to revert your edits. Since I doubt you were doing it out of malicious intent, I'm giving you a heads-up instead of a warning.

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    • I know how Omniverse should be done first, however I am editing on an iPad, so I don't think there's any way to change the positions of the pictures. I'm so sorry I just don't know to change the positions, so I just wait for it to be edited. I'm sorry.

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    • Ah, that explains it. If you use the Source Editor, you should be able to cut the names of the files and re-position them.

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    • It's best working with Source Editor on an iPad.

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