• Please do not upload non-PNG images to the wiki. You recently uploaded some .JPEG images of Brainstorm and Cannonbolt, which I have since deleted and replaced with .PNG images. Please read the rules (and by extension, the Image Guide) to prevent this from happening again.

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    • JayTVStudiosYT
      JayTVStudiosYT removed this reply because:
      09:11, March 14, 2020
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    • You can convert .JPG images to .PNG using a variety of sites online, such as this one. In addition, assuming you're the same person as Jay, please choose one account to use, as the wiki has a rule against using multiple accounts.

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    • Okay thanks UltiVerse. This is the account I'll be using, that was just a mishap with my other account sorry

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    • As a tip, try looking through galleries on the wiki to find images instead of uploading duplicates.

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    • A FANDOM user
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