• I recently re-watched the scene of Gutrot being used for the first time. For those who don’t know (SPOILERS !) during that scene Future Dr. Animo is the one that tells Ben its name and powers. However during that scene, present Animo is confused on why his future self is telling his enemy, only to be shushed by his future self, which really confused me.

    However after I time, I think I have the answer, it was a way of future Animo getting revenge on Ben ! Here’s why.

    First off I should say that though Ben tried to prevent it, I think this is an infinite loop since both Animo’s forget these events thanks to Ben, past Dr. Animo always thinks up the plan tries to succeed over and over again and this is back up by the episode “The End of an Era”, so it makes sense that there was a first time this happened.

    See I think the first time Future Animo went back into time and saw Ben transform into an new alien, future Animo decided to mess with him by giving him a made up name (cause he is from a future where Gutrot is named something else) however for Ben to believe him, plus his over confidence and ego, he revealed to much about Gutrot's powers, which results in his defeat where he and his past self forget about the events of the fight only to later rethink his future self’s plan and fool Ben again,

    I know it’s a long stretch but there are 3 reasons for this.

    One is when Ben names his aliens, he either name its after its powers or its appearance, sometimes both like Articguana for example.

    When I apply Gutrot to either method I think of an alien with either a rotted stomach (maybe like the weird thing some highbreeds have) or an alien with the powers to make someone sick so its odd to name an alien with gas powers that when there are better names to give it like Bio Lab or Gas Hazard.

    Sure the window that shows the gas where a human stomach would be could count for its name and Omniverse did have some bad names for there aliens but it sounds like a bit of a stretch there.

    The second is Dr. Animo hates Ben and given his track record I wouldn’t be surprised if tricking Ben like this was a way of getting revenge of sorts for all those years of losing. Plus in OV they really amped up him being a stereotypical insane scientist so I could see him doing something crazy like this and getting satisfactory from it, plus he’s smiling when he tells Ben his alien’s name.

    The third is that Ben has show to change his alien’s name over time, the most known examples are Ben’s aliens from the Anur system, so I could see him changing Gutrot’s name in the future.

    So what do you think ? Could this be possible ? Sorry if this confuses anyone.

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    • I think ben changed the names of his aliens from the anur system since most if not all of them were literally stuff like "ben wolf" but still a cool theory 

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