• NRG is a alien which is hidden in a suit. But what he is made from? Here is my answer and a theory:

    NRG without his suit is a creature looking like a red, volt, energy humanoid, his species don't use the suits but he has ability to float in air, his diet is simple like other of his species, his food is energy by absorbing it outside of his suit can have more power, his suit is made from a stronger material than metal and steel, in the suit, his powers are lowered, his body is dangerous because of his raditation of his energy and he can burn down the solid materials by touching it while he is outside of his suit. He can cause erruption, having this same effect like lava from the volcano, while he is outside of suit, he can also float in air like i said before, P'andor was the DNA which Ultimatrix scanned to unlock him. He appears in suit, why? It's because of safety from his dangerous energy.

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    • being outside i mean...

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