• I would like to have a discussion fact the only time Ben Tennyson being allergic to peanuts was mentioned he was a clone which all of the planet clones also were allergic to peanuts.
    also, two other things before they are mentioned
    1. one of bens favorite smoothie was a peanut butter seaweed smoothie.
    2.the other thing I found is that Way Big claims to be allergic to peanuts but at the same time that could just be way big there's no way that should be enough to claim Ben is because there's no way to know that his whole species is also allergic 
    also might as well mention the fact in the episode  "Eye of the Beholder" jimmy offers ben peanuts while he turns the offer down there is no mention to being allergic like the clone ben in the cave did making it seem like he did not have the allergy beforehand​​

    I would like to have a discussion about this because if the wiki page on ben is wrong I would want that to be fixed to help be accurate.

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    • We have more evidence of him being allergic to peanuts compared to evidence of him not being allergic. Besides, the writers tend to forget stuff like this fairly often.

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    • but what is the evidence of him being allergic?
      him saying he is allergic is a clone plant which all the clone plants were
      and way big being allergic to peanuts is not necessarily ben himself
      and the fact that his favorite smoothie would be something he is allergic to is really fishy too

      to be honest I want to see that evidence because I pretty much see none which in this case him being allergic to peanuts is tied or if you want to count the smoothie has him not being allergic then there's more evidence in the not being allergic then there is in being allergic and then if you want to count somehow way big being allergic means ben is too then it would be tied again. 

      also, Albedo who shares ben's DNA also tried the smoothie and while he said that it "tastes like cold feet" he said nothing about an allergic reaction

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