• If you take away the lust for power, I think Sunny and Michael could be a great ship.

    I say this because like I previously mentioned, my RP Gwen's Sunny is dating a Morningstar, and they are infatuated with one another, much to Gwen's chagrin and irritation.

    Sunny visits Earth again, and after some talking, she and Gwen hang out and then they run into Morningstar, Y'all can think of what would happen next.

    What do y'all think?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the Morningstar purchased a Keystone of Bezel from Argit (who stole it when Kevin and him attempted to find my Gwen who had already left for Anodyne.) So he's at full power all the time and doesn't need to drain anyone, he chooses to drain someone.

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    • I do not think, Sunny and Michael Morningstar would ever be a healthy relationship. Michael would drain Sunny dry, should he get the oppertunity.

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    • Sunny would be interested, but all Mike would care about is her energy. He'd probably appeal to what she enjoys to seduce her, but then as soon as he messes up and calls her Gwen, we got a repeat of "Couples Retreat"

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    • No matter what Canon he's in, Morningstar will always be a selfish, power-hungry, conceited Jerk, who can't even bother to remember someone's name

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