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    This is a suggestion for the wiki. When voting on it, type out the
    Support Support template if you support the idea,
    Oppose Oppose template if you oppose the idea, or
    Neutral Neutral template if you're undecided and/or indifferent.
    If you are unsure of what is being suggested, please refrain from voting until you fully understand, by asking questions, what is being suggested.
    I suggest that everything to do with Omniverse should follow the production order of the episodes rather than the airing order, as that is the order of episodes intended by the series' crew. For example, the 'Appearances' and 'History' sections on Feedback's page should list Showdown: Part 2 as his first appearance by 16 year-old Ben rather than Store 23. Please vote using the appropriate voting templates. Voting ends in one week.
    For your vote to be counted, you must type out one of the three templates in source mode.
    {{Support}}, {{Neutral}} or {{Oppose}}
    You have to have been a member of the wiki for at least 7 days with at least 15 quality mainspace edits in total (excluding minor edits) and have at least 5 contributions within the past two months to be eligible for voting.
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    • Hm, I guess this is pretty sound. Everything should be in chronological order after all. I will Support Support — this.

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    • Support Support — their had been major airing problems in the past with Omniverse. The programmers did not take into careful consideration on how the episodes should've aired.

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    • Neutral Neutral — in the rare case where continuity is concerned, this is fine. However; by production order that makes And Then There Were None a part of the Galactic Monters arc, making that arc 12 episodes long and the following one only 8

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    • Seasons 5 and 6 have 10 episodes each, according to the production order episode guide on the wiki.

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    • Oppose Oppose —Though you are right,  there are some episode out of chronological order in the production; for example, So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies was created before It Was Them, and in both, Crashhopper appears.

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    • Support Support

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    • The final score is:

      • 3 supports
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      • 1 neutral

      The suggestion was approved.

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