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    Suggestion approved.
    05:23, April 20, 2018
    This is a suggestion for the wiki. When voting on it, type out the
    Support Support template if you support the idea,
    Oppose Oppose template if you oppose the idea, or
    Neutral Neutral template if you're undecided and/or indifferent.
    If you are unsure of what is being suggested, please refrain from voting until you fully understand, by asking questions, what is being suggested.
    I suggest that we delete this page since most people just use the Discord server to report rule-breakers. As for users who aren't part of the server, messaging one of the admins would be much more hassle-free than using the Report page.
    For your vote to be counted, you must type out one of the three templates in source mode.
    {{Support}}, {{Neutral}} or {{Oppose}}
    You have to have been a member of the wiki for at least 7 days with at least 15 quality mainspace edits in total (excluding minor edits) and have at least 5 contributions within the past two months to be eligible for voting.
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