• Lepidopterran kid

    Lepidopterran Kid is Kid/Young

    Mutant Lepidopterran 2

    Mutant Lepidopterran is ½ Splixson ½ Lepidopterran Hybrid

    Future Stinkfly

    Future Stinkfly is Future Ben 10.000 version of Stinkfly so Ben 10.000 Aliens are Mature/Adult

    Lepidopterran Prisoner Face

    Lepidopterran Prisoner is Mature/Adult

    Stinkfly - Ben 10 Omniverse

    Stinkfly is Ben 10 Alien and his Stinkfly is Adult 16 year

    Max Larve

    Max's mutated form is Lepidopterran Larve

    We never saw Female Lepidopterran
    4 yer old Stinkfly

    Baby Stinkfly is Baby Ben 10 baby version of Stinkfly is Kid/Baby

    Stinkfly re

    Reboot Stinkfly Or Dragonfly is Reboot Ben 10 reboot version of Stinkfly

    Possible stinkfly concept by steve e gordon

    Pre-Production Stinkfly or DragonFly is pre-production version of Stinkfly


    Haywire Stinkfly


    Kevin 11

    Kevin 11 009


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    • Not sure what the question is here.  Aside from the reboot Stinkfly, Kevin, and the recolor, those pictures are a pretty good indication of a Lepidopterran life cycle.

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    • A FANDOM user
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