• In UAF, it's very clear that Ben lives with his parents, balancing his high school life with being a superhero (as seen in [Grounded]).  Even in Omniverse, there are hints that Ben lives with his parents (such as in [Special Delivery], where Ben retreats to his parents' house after wrecking Mr. Baumann's home.

    But in Omniverse (and even towards the end of UA as seen in [It's Not Easy Being Gwen]), it appears that he's dropped out of high school to become a full-time Plumber.  In [O Mother, Where Art Thou], Ben's mom acts surprised that Ben would come home for dinner.  In addition, we hardly ever see Ben inside his house after the end of UA. 

    Did Ben move out off-screen?  If so, it would have to be some time between [Surprise Delivery] and [O Mother, Where Art Thou].

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    • It's a mystery. I don't think the series ever mentioned this. 

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    • I don’t think he moved out. We’ve seen him in his room a couple times in Omniverse, if memory serves.

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    • You're right, we see him in his room in "And Then There Was Ben".  So he didn't move out, he just got a full-time job.

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