• Where was it voted on? Where's the thread? How come Ulti didn't undo my edit if it's a community decision?

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      Ulti probably just forgot as the images wasn't handled for quite some time, however Aaron has informed me that the suggestion was approved but awaiting proper cropping.

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    • "If it is decided, however, that the images should be replaced, it should only be done when the cropping is cleaned up, as per the basis of the suggestion."

      The keyword is 'if'.

      It was not a community decision, it would have been an admin decision. And I'm not sure which way we voted on this, but obviously I was and am still against. I'd be okay with the action poses or the poses we already used, but not the flat-as-all-hell T-poses.

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    • I still think that goes against how other alien pages are like but okay I guess.

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