• look at this:

    I wanna know if he survived the petrification

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    • Considering his future self appeared in the OS, I guess he does. And I think it was mentioned somewhere that he'd die 200 years after the events of the OS

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    • Depends on which Vilgax we're talking about.

      • Our "main" Vilgax from the original continuity has an unknown fate, he's just kinda floating in space and the original continuity ended prior to him coming back.
      • Vilgax from the Reboot is, of course, alive, with a sort of Two-Face scarring happening to him.
      • Vilgax from the original Ben 10K episode is frozen in what I assume was once a public pool. He was almost dead prior to this however, given the state we see him in before Animo revived him, caused by the events of Goodbye and Good Riddance.
      • Vilgax from the Gwen 10 universe I believe is dead.

      I think that's it.

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