• We dont allow images like the ones you posted on here, read the image guide

    also others have tried to put the info of Jury Rigg and Eatle on here before because of the DVD, but DVD info is not allowed due to it being considered unreliable. If i recall it had something to do with diagons name being spelled wrong.

    Also you made your suggestion thread wrong, this is an example of how it's suppose to look like now

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    • If you upload those watermarked/unofficial trademarked images again you will be reported.

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    • The official DVDs are not considered reliable sources? Really?

      There are innumerable unsourced statements all over the wiki. How do you determine which are true and which are not?

      EDIT: I did find two mentions of Oryctini and Planchakule on Derick's formspring. Long story short, Derrick says he doesn't know.

      I noticed you also removed my edit to the Citrakayah page. Would you explain to me why? Where is the reliable source stating Fasttrack's species and homeworld? As far as I know that comes only from the DVDs, which were already stated to be unreliable.

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    • Much of the info was from Derrick J Wyatt and Matt Wayne, but people posted the sources and links to many admins walls not the pages themselves except for some.

      Also I believe there were more reasons why the DVDs aren't reliable, but that was before I came to this site and the one reason I read was about Daigons name. But I read on someones wall once about more, but unfortunately I do not remember.

      The edit which I undid was an accident, you see im on the mobile version of the wiki and I have the ability to rollback edits, and the rollback button is just sticking out so sometimes I accidentally hit it. I rollbacked my rollback already to your edit already. And because I rollbacked it's not gonna show up on Recent Wiki Activity.

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