• There is only 1 rule. You can only pick 10 aliens.

    For me I would have:

    1. Upgrade

    2. Rath

    3. Cannonbolt

    4. Arcticguana

    5. Pesky Dust

    6. Way Big

    7. Astrodactyl

    8. Spidermonkey

    9. Gravattack

    10. Atomix

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    • 1. Upgrade

      2. Bloxx

      3. Swampfire

      4. Jetray

      5. XLR8

      6. Ghostfreak

      7. Way Big

      8. Lodestar

      9. Chromastone

      10. Alien X

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      1. Swampfire
      2. Wildmutt
      3. Chromastone
      4. Echo Echo
      5. Big Chill
      6. Rath
      7. Grey Matter
      8. Upgrade
      9. Way Big
      10. XLR8
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      1. Heatblast
      2. Diamondhead
      3. XLR8
      4. Humungasour
      5. Feedback
      6. Big Chill
      7. Grey Matter
      8. Upgrade
      9. Jetray
      10. Atomix
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    • 1.Rath




      5.Big Chill


      7.Grey Mater

      8.Echo Echo


      10.Alien X

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    • M3

      1. Four Arms

      2. Spider-Monkey

      3. Jetray

      4. Ghostfreak

      5. Upgrade

      6. Grey Matter

      7. Armodrillo

      8. XLR8

      9. Humungousaur

      10. Lodestar

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    • 1.Heatblast

      2.Way Big





      7.Gray Matter

      8.Big Chill


      10.Alien X

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    • 1.Wildvine






      7.Perk Upchuck


      9.Jury Rigg


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    • 1. Grey Matter

      2. Ditto

      3. Upgrade

      4. Goop

      5. Diamondhead

      6. Nanomech

      7. Pesky Dust

      8. XLR8

      9. Mole-Stache

      10. Whampire

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    • 1. Brainstorm

      2. Jetray

      3. The Lenopan/Goop

      4. Ghostfreak/Big Chill

      5. Upgrade

      6. Humongousaur

      7. Arctiguana/AmpFibian

      8. Spitter

      9. NRG

      10. Pesky Dust

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    • Humungousaur First!

      Clockwork- Really want to play with time...

      Whampire- and to enslave.

      Alien X- Omnipotence!

      Waybig- As well as to become giant...

      Greymatter- and tiny+ intelligent!

      Jetray- To fly , superfastly!...

      Ripjaws- And to swim+ crush!

      Atomix- A must for extreme heroness after humungousaur

      Ghostfreak- Sometimes for to hide!

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    • Here is my playlist:

      1.Diamondhead- Best alien for combat.

      2.XLR8- Need for speed.

      3.Spidermonkey- So I can be like Spider-Man.

      4.Swampfire- Because of his new look.

      5. Armodrillo- Because he has super strength and seems mechanical.

      6. Astrodactyl- Best flying alien.

      7. Atomix- Aside Alien X this guy is the big gun.

      8. Bloxx- Favorite shapeshifting alien plus the way he was used was cool.

      9. Feedback- Because Ben approves him.

      10.Blitzwolfer- Wolfs are awesome.

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    • 1-Blitzwolfer- This guy is better than Wildmutt and Echo Echo!

      2-Atomix, Your the best of all!

      Nanomech-A good one to spy others when descreasing my size, i don't need ChamAlien with this one!

      Fasttrack-I hate him, but since he is faster than XLR8 he wouldn't be a desperdice of aliens.

      5-Gooop-I like his voice and he is very slimy, i can make cool things with him!

      6-GhostFreak-So when people are making fun with me i can possee them, then start spinning, so the person will be dizzy! And also, i can make robbers get lost!

      7-Jetray-He is so awesome, he is like a XLRFlyJaws! Flies and swins fastly!

      8-Ditto-As long he is the one of original series, i would choose him. The OV one isn't the same.

      9-Upgrade-I will upgrade technology, making some improvements in my videogame, Preventing my computer from having virus, and i think i could even transform me into a staff to see how blog post and pages were before they were eliminated (Yea, i'm so curious)

      10-Upchuck could be my first alien! In my fanfic, the first one i transformed was Frankenchuck! PS:I write like this because it looks cool.

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    • my second choose:

      1.Chromastone-he has uv-lasers and he is durability as a god

      2.Atomix-you know :D

      3.Nanomech-...spy at other people

      4.Gutrot-...this will be funny:D

      5.Grey matter-intelectually!!!!!!!!!!AND TINY!!!

      6.Toepick-best way to win

      7.Feedback-you know ... :D

      8.Upgrade-my PC will be overpowered

      9.Brainstorm-intelectually!!!!!!AND NORMAL SIZE!!!!!!

      10.Eye Guy-his vision must be cool

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    • I want to elaberate on my choices:

      1. Upgrade - So I can go inside my video game!

      2. Rath - Do I even have to explain why I would want to be Rath?!

      3. Cannonbolt - One of my favorites of the classics!

      4. Arcticguana - Cryokenisis is the best power ever!

      5. Pesky Dust - I LOVE Peskey! I could manipulate people's dreams.

      6. Way Big - I like Kaiju

      7. Astrodactyl - Squark! 

      8. Spidermonkey - I like Spidermonkey!

      9. Gravattack - Gravity Powers?! SWEET!

      10. Atomix - So i can be OP!

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    • Why is there only 10 aliens to choose?

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    • 1. Swampfire

      2. Humungousaur

      3. Big Chill

      4. Spidermonkey

      5. Upgrade

      6. Echo Echo

      7. XLR8

      8. AmpFibian

      9. Goop

      10. Grey Matter

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    • 1. Fastrack: I'll never be late for anything 2. Brainstorm: I'll be an absolute genius 3. Way big: the ultimate way to get people to back off 4. NRG: get to be a living nuclear reactor 5. Chamalien: get to be the best hide n seek player 6. Snare-o: I'll never need toilet paper again 7. Atomix: I can be a superhero 8. Bloxx: I could build anything 9. Stinkfly: I could fly 10. Diamondhead: I could sell parts of myself for a fortune

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    • Swampfire, Big Chill, Astrodactyl, Bloxx, Diamondhead, XLR8, Upgrade, AmpPhibian, Gutrot, Chamalien

      This playlist has something for every situation. I originally had Fourarms as a "Power" form, but swapped for Bloxx because shapeshifting has utility in more situations and Diamondhead is already pretty strong.

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    • Ultimateporunga9000 wrote:
      ...Diamondhead: I could sell parts of myself for a fortune

      I also have same opinion :)

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    • 1. Heatblast

      2. Atomix

      3. Toepick

      4. Squidstrictor

      5. Upgrade

      6. Grey Matter

      7. Fasttrack

      8. Goop

      9. Ghostfreak

      10. NRG


      11. Shellhead

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    • 1. Atomix [i love the way he talks]

      2.NRG [N   R   G]

      3.Waybig [Bruh this problem is "Way big" for you

      4. Upgrade [Y'know why]

      5. Blitzwolfer [Y'not? being a cool wolf man!]

      6. Goop [to slip and slide on people to anoy them]

      7. toepick [so ya know not to bully me]

      8. Big chill [Best alien]

      9. Nanomech [Sneaky spy boi]

      10. XLR8 [Dont need to go to school, just run to the shops, steal without detectors noticing [speed is too fast for it to notice] and arrive at school like a boss]

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    • 1. XLR8 - hes fast i will not be late, i will won a race

      2. Heatblast - make a camp, burn tree for furnace, for food, not be cold

      3. Way Big - be strong and big to destroy my rival, enemy

      4. Clockwork - stop time, stop someone, launch time beam

      5. Waterhazard - water for swim, drink, clean

      6. Big Chill - freeze someone, freeze fire, freeze water

      7. Diamondhead - shoot shards, practice shooting

      8. Fourarms - strong, practice, punch, kick my rivals ass

      9. Cannonbolt - roll, bowling, splash in water

      10. Shocksquatch - electric, electric things to repair

      I know i only can put 10 but Chromastone will replace 7 if Diamondhead got destroyed, Alien X when unlocked will replace Clockwork

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    • Only using the versions from the original continuity, not the rebbot continuity-

      1. Loboan (Benwolf/Blitzwolfer's species)

      2. Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgax' species)

      3. Osmosian (I don't care what Omniverse says!)

      4. Dragon (Yes its a thing, look it up)

      5. Kineceleran (XLR8's species)

      6. Detrovite (Vulcanus' species)

      7. Splixson (Ditto's species

      8. Tetramand (Four Arms' species)

      9. Opticoid (Eye Guy's species)

      10. Appoplexian (Rath's species)

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    • idc about other aliens i just want alien x so i can get EVERY ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I'd have everyone.

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    • 1. Eye Guy 2. Arcticguana 3. Fasttrack 4. Splitter 5. Chromastone

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    • I’m trying to start a conversation on how George Washington and old George and forever knights where George Washington enemy in just want some comments and conversations please on the thread please

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    • XLR8 Rath Anur System Aliens as a fusion Ripjaws Armodrillo Chamalien Jetray Snakepit Feedback Big Chill

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    • 1. Diamondhead - Sharp, reflective, and durable

      2. XLR8 - Pure speed

      3. Big Chill - Flight, ice powers, and intangible

      4. Goop - Slime powers and shape manipulation

      5. Lodestar - Magnetism and force fields

      6. NRG - Nuclear energy, lava, and heat

      7. Clockwork - Time manipulation and time travel

      8. Gravattack - Gravity manipulation, levitation, strong, and durable

      9. Kickin Hawk - Hand to hand mastery, enhanced physical abilities, and sharp blades

      10. Buzzshock - Electricity manipulation, duplication, speed, and flight

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    • 1. Humungousaur

      2. Heatblast

      3. Gravattack

      4. Atomix

      5. Ghostfreak

      6. Feedback

      7. Clockwork

      8. Way Big

      9. Astrodactyl

      10. Toepick

      For my original 10


      every single alien in the omnitrix, literally all 1000910 of them.

      because I want to give myself all of them

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    • Upgrade - you know why!l

      Whampire - because he can control people!! Also he's best alien!!

      Humongousaur - he's powerful!! Also he's one of the best aliens!!

      Diamondhead - I'd be rich!!

      Alien x - he's omnipotent!!

      Ghostfreak -I'd be able to possess people!!

      Grey matter - I will be the smartest alien in the universe

      Clockwork - I can slow down/stop time

      Xlr8 - I'd be sonic!!

      Wildmutt - I'd have heightened senses to replace my lack of sight

      Aliens I would unlock:

      Gutrot (So I can make gases)

      Brainstorm (A backup for grey matter) 

      Chromastone (Energy absorption)

      Feedback (Electricity absorption)

      Way big (Mainly for a higher view and strength)

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    • Hmngasaurr wrote:
      Ultimateporunga9000 wrote:
      ...Diamondhead: I could sell parts of myself for a fortune
      I also have same opinion :)

      Same for me guys!!

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    • Will121704
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    • 1-XLR8 

      2-Big Chill




      6-Way Big





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    • 1. Heatblast (duh)

      2. Four Arms

      3. Feedback

      4. Upgrade (possibly)

      5. Grey Matter

      6. Rath

      7. Wildmutt

      8. Eye Guy

      9. Way Big

      10. XLR8

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    • 1.Heatblast






      7.Eye Guy

      8.Grey Matter



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    • 1. Way Big 

      2.Grey Matter




      6.Big Chill




      10. XLR8

      Possible Extra Aliens

      11. Brainstorm

      12. Heatblast

      13. Armodrillo

      14. Upgrade

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    • (subject to change)

      1. Diamondhead (projectiles, strength)

      2. Ghostfreak (intangible, invisible, possession)

      3. Wildvine (regeneration)

      4. Brainstorm (intellect, electricity, force field)

      5. Alien X (last resort)

      6. Nanomech (tiny)

      7. Clockwork (time)

      8. The Worst (yes I know but durable)

      9. Toepick (fear)

      10. Astrodactyl (flight, speed)

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    • 1. Upgrade (I love the thought of controling tech)

      2. Ditto (No clue why, I love him so much, there are far better aliens, but I like this one)

      3. Fasttrack (May be slower than XLR8, but he's stronger)

      4.  Arctiguana (Having ice abilities would be great, and wouldn't need Big Chill with Ghostfreak)

      5. Swampfire (I like his power over plants, plus the fire is a nice thing)

      6. Ripjaws (Breathing underwater always interested me)

      7. Ghostfreak (So many great powers, though preferably with the new omnitrix setting so it doesn't become sentient)

      8. Humongosaur (Strong enough without being too massive, waybig would be nearly unusable)

      9. AmpFibian (Being able to charge and discharge electricity would be cool)

      10. Grey Matter (Hyper intelligence would be so useful)

      Prefered next unlocks.

      11. Diamond Head (The crystaline constructs could be of great use)

      12. Lodestar (You'd just be magneto)

      13. Rath (Just set up a camera, and have the views roll in, plus he's still strong)

      14 Goop (His acidic properties could be good to have)

      15 Heatblast (He's just a classic)

      For most of these I'd prefer the original design, the exception being Ripjaws, which I'd use the omniverse design for. And unlike most of what I've seen, rather than choosing the strongest, I chose what would be most useful in everyday life, and what would be the most fun to have.

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    • Ben10keli wrote:
      idc about other aliens i just want alien x so i can get EVERY ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Do you honestly believe the you could convince them to do anything, people don't seem to think about this when they pick alien X, your best bet would be pick graymatter and do what kenny did.

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    • Ben 1,000,911 wrote:
      (subject to change)

      1. Diamondhead (projectiles, strength)

      2. Ghostfreak (intangible, invisible, possession)

      3. Wildvine (regeneration)

      4. Brainstorm (intellect, electricity, force field)

      5. Alien X (last resort)

      6. Nanomech (tiny)

      7. Clockwork (time)

      8. The Worst (yes I know but durable)

      9. Toepick (fear)

      10. Astrodactyl (flight, speed)

      You have the best idea of what to do with alien X, rather than OMG I WANNA HAVE ALL DA STUfF! You actually thought this through, and decided to have it only as you may need it.

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    • Yeah I actually agree with that choice, I would even use Alien X as a last resort as well.

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    • 1- Humungousaur

      2- XLR8

      3- Greymatter

      4- Goop

      5- Astrodactyl

      6- Bloxx

      7- Upchuck

      8- Cannonbolt

      9- Arctiguana

      10- Blitzwolfer

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    • 1. Diamondhead 2. Brainstorm 3. Cannonbolt 4. Ghostfreak 5. Xlr8 6. Jetray 7. Way Big 8. Echo Echo 9. Arctiguana 10. Toepick

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    • If I found the Omnitrix, my ten aliens would be:

      1. Grey Matter - Intelligence / Small Stature

      2. XLR8 - Speed / Agility / Quick Recovery

      3. Big Chill - Intangibility / Cryokinesis / Flight

      4. Goop - Shapeshifting / Acidic & Adhesive Slime

      5. Blitzwolfer - Enhanced Senses / Combat

      6. Wildvine - Chlorokinesis / Regeneration

      7. Gravattack - Gravikinesis / Durability

      8. Heatblast - Pyrokinesis / Flight / Combat

      9. Echo Echo - Audiokinesis / Self-Duplication

      10. Feedback - Electrokinesis / Energy Absorption

      That way I have an alien for every occasion or situation that may come up.

      Aliens to be unlocked later would include:

      Diamondhead - Crystallokinesis / Combat

      Cannonbolt - Rolling / Durability

      Ghostfreak - Possession / Invisibility / Intangibility

      Upgrade - Technopathy / Technokinesis

      Jetray - Neuroshock Blasts / Flight / Hyperspace Travel

      Eatle - Matter Ingestion / Lasers

      Alien X - Omnipotence / Last Resort

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    • Had or Found?

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    • Only ten, huh? Well, since there's a limit, here are my ten:


      Four Arms

      Grey Matter

      Diamond Head


      Cannon Bolt




      Alien X

      The best assumed combination of strength, brains, speed and power.

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    • It seems like everyone's choosing upgrade and/or grey matter

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    • Will121704 wrote: It seems like everyone's choosing upgrade and/or grey matter

      People want to be smarter and have control over technology. And if Upgrade's gone, all the more reason to want to be Upgrade.

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    • For my "Matrix 10,000" 


      Big Chill 
      Decagon Vreedle 
      Eye Guy 
      Four Arms 
      Grey Matter 
      Jury Rigg 
      Kickin Hawk 
      Pesky Dust 
      Shock Rock 
      Water Hazard 
      Way Big 
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    • Ten aliens only!

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    • Sorry @Aggression25 ... I only saw the title, not the 10 part just a little lower on the page. 

      I'd have to go with Atomix, Big Chill, Chromastone, Diamondhead, Eon, Feedback, Gax, Heatblast, Jury Rigg, and Kickin Hawk. 

      - and to swap out 9 of them since Ben got an additional 9 in the OS. 

      Four Arms, Nanomech, Pesky Dust, Rath, Shock Rock, Ventrilosquid, Way Big, Whampire, and XLR8 

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    • No Upgrade? Most seem to love him.

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    • Well, the way I narrowed it down was I looked at all of Ben's aliens and split them up between my brother and I so then once we "mastered" the aliens ... we could trade half of our set to each other and master that. 

      My aliens ... (above) and then the others ... (below) 

      - But to answer your ? ... I do love him and I would want him, maybe as a fusion. 

      Idk if people know this, but the reboot kind of has the OS correct ... the Omnitrix dial looks like Upgrade's tech design, but does that mean he's still "alive" (within the Omnitrix) or did he really "sacrifice" himself when he "Upgraded" the Omnitrix? 

      Alien X 
      Ball Weevil 
      Bob the Blob 
      Echo Echo 
      The Worst 
      Thriller Whale 
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    • A FANDOM user
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