• Now with seeing Biomnitrix in action, it got me thinking again, making some fusions, if you took just 10 slots of fused aliens, in a new Omnitrix....what would you make?

    You new forms are going to be "locked" into those forms, and are treated as a new alien, you can also name them whatever you want.
    You can also not use the same "stock" alien in multiple fusions per set of 10. (so you can't just combine everyone with Way Big and stomp everything all the time)

    Be creative, have fun! Also, be descriptive...what traits do they have, what do they look like? What is your thinking on why you chose that fusion?

    I'm not finished with my team yet but I'll post what I have for now.

    [ Ghost Machine ] - Upgrade + GhostFreak
    Physical Description: Similar to Zs'Skayr, With his cloak being black, the skull being rightside up, and the one eye is the centre eye of UpGrade, large like a monocle, the other is like Zs'Skayr's normal eye, he his bipedal when on the ground with skeletal legs, with skeletal toes similar to his fingers, and a ghostly tail when in flight (the legs turn into the tail)
    The cloak is patterned after circuitry like Upgrade's patterns, but slightly more decayed looking in some places or more like veins.
    Without the cloak, is similar to GhostFreak but more withered and skeletal. Long skeletal fingers and chains and shackles on the wrists , which can extend like cables and interface with machines or used like weapons.
    Carries the Scythe like Zs'Skayr.
    [Powers] Like a combination of Upgrade and Ghostfreak, can possess organic objects, or interface and possess and "upgrade" machines or electronics and mutate them while possessing them. Chains on wrists can be used like cords, plugs, or cables, to interface with electronics without having to fully possess them or something that may be dangerous to go inside. (but can not be fully upgraded without completely merging or possessing it, used mostly simply for interfacing.)
    When merging with machinery, instead of consuming it like Upgrade does, Ghost Machine goes inside of it, while possessed, objects will glow a spectral green colour, fully upgraded objects will have the same look as when Upgrade has upgraded something, a black and green digital pattern.
    [ Thoughts and Process ] Pretty much just two of my favourite aliens, and the idea of a form that can possess people AND machines kinda sold it. Basically creating a poltergeist.
    I wasn't sure what the look would be until I started writing this, which I plan on getting some drawings up soon. The idea is a look of a sort of cyberpunk, technomancer lich spirit. A spectral skeleton with this cloak and all these cyborg enhancements.
    I hope that comes through in the description.

    I'll post more!
    I hope you like this! Please post yours as well I'd love to see and read about your ideas!

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    • Nice. I have one:

      Ghost Chill (Ghostfreak and Big Chill)

      Appearance: The body is mostly Ghostfreak's, but with a paler version of Big Chill's blue coloring, and Big Chill's cloak, which trails along the floor when covering him. His single eye is in Big Chill's style (complete with eyebrow), and his arms, while shaped like Ghostfreak's, are as big as Big Chill's, with his hands. Instead of Ghostfreak's chains, he has Big Chill's belt.

      Powers: He can phase and possess people, and his tentacles are made out of solid ice, freezing whatever they touch.

      Thoughts and process: I figured I'd combine the two "ghostly" aliens. I added in the freeze tentacles as a way to make him unique.

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    • 1. Articmutt (Articguana and Wildmutt)

      2. Four-Rath (Four Arms + Rath)

      3. XLRG (XLR8 + NRG)

      4. Ditto Ditto (Ditto + Echo Echo) (Kidding, I just think it sounds cool)

      4. Water-Drillo (Water Hazard + Armodrillo)

      5. Cannonblast (Cannonbolt + Heatblast)

      6. Humungattack (Humungasaur + Gravattack)

      7. FastMatter (Fasttrack + Grey Matter)

      8. Diamondstone (Diamondhead + Chromastone)

      9. Frankenblitzer (Frankenstrike + Blitzwolfer)

      10. Bull Hawk (Bullfrag + Kicken Hawk)

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    • 1. Dath(Ditto+Rath)


      3.Diamond Mutt(Diamondhead+Wildmutt)

      4.Brain Matter(Brain Storm+Grey Matter

      5.Way Rath(Way Big+Rath)


      Thats all I got for now.

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    • I have seen the biomnitrix in action, its pretty cool that it can do alien fusions.

      I wonder if the guantlets are capable of manual alien selection as well as being controlled by voice?

      for fusions i would have Kickback (Kickin Hawk+Feedback), XLRSaur (XLR8+Humongousaur), FourHead (Fourarms+Diamondhead), and NRFLY (NRG+Stinkfly).

      i know the biomnitrix can do many many more, these are my best fusions.

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