• First off what you put on sugilites page was not trivia, second Ben has met many aliens that are species he uses and has in the watch. Vexx and Malice are appoplexians, princess looma and warlord gar are tetramands, Queen Rumbletum sergeant cookmiester and cast iron are gourmands, tetrax shard is a petrosapien and there still many more. So what you put on that page is not only non trivia its also not true.

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    • That's not what I meant. Vexx and Malice were not the¬†direct¬†Omnitrix DNA samples of Rath. Sugilite is the actual alien from which Azmuth gleaned DNA for the Omnitrix; we know this because he is the only Crystalsapien. Zs'Skayr is the only other alien Ben has encountered whose DNA was sampled for the Omnitrix directly - it wasn't just any old Ectonurite from Anur Phaetos. In other words, when Ben turns into Chromastone, he is an exact copy of Sugilite; when he turns into Ghostfreak, he is an exact copy of Zs'Skayr; with any other alien, too, he is an exact copy of anothers' DNA, like Ra'ad and Andreas and Bivalvan (whom I did not mention because they were scanned by Ben, not Azmuth).

      Additionally, what makes it not a trivia? Perhaps I do not understand what is supposed to be put there and what isn't, but to me it seemed to be a fitting entry.

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