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    15:10, June 21, 2015

    I think this is the timeline profesuere paradox was talking about in that episode eon re appeared forgot what its called :/

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    • We know.

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    • can you be more clear? i dont understand what you are talking about.

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    • Yeah me too I think it's cannon but why is it in another dimension (timeline)? I don't get it. This should be cannon, there's nothing non-cannon about it. Ben returns home, fights stuff (as shown in Omniverse) and let's go of the Omnitrix. Then Alien Force/Ultimate Alien happens. Why non-cannonise this episode? It's as cannon and as in the same dimension (or timeline) as every other episode!

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    • it is non canon because bens parents find out about the omnitrix, but they find out for the first time in AF

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