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    13:31, April 6, 2014

    Hi guys. First ever discussion on this forum, so I have a question: do you think Kuphulu and Crüjo are the same entities as the Mummy and the Yenaldooshi, or different beings serving as their "replacements"? I believe in the possibility because Viktor escaped from the Null Void somehow, so the Mummy may have followed suit and is around somewhere.

    Also, a minor question but related: if they are not the same beings, do you think will we see the Mummy and the Yenaldooshi at some point of time in Omniverse? Since they seem to be bringing back classic characters, such as Phil and a possible cameo of Myaxx.

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    • They are not. Viktor escaped because he is really smart and found a way to get out. The Mummy was just a minion, irrelevant. Yenaldooshi blew up. Also, Kuphulu and Crüjo have different personalities/appearance and they can talk. Finally, Derrick confirmed at least 10 times that they are not the same.

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    • Very well. I didn't see any of those, so that was my fault. Still, I hope they do return somehow, since Crujo, Kuphulu and Viktor betrayed Zs'Skayr in The Vampire Strikes Back. May be harder for the Yenaldooshi as, as you said, he was right next to a satellite dish when it exploded. But we've seen people survive worse in Ben 10, so he may have survived somehow. But probably not.

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