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    if Ben 10: Ultimate alien happened in 2010 and Alien force in 2009,and we can know the year of events, why we don't write the year of events, Like: 

    Ben in Ben 10 : Alien Force was 15 years old and it happened in 2009 , Ben was born in 1994

    Kevin was born in 1993

    the Highbreed's attack was in 2009.

    We can write the year of birth and death of each character in the infobox.

    We can write the history with years of each character :

    1994 Ben was born

    summer 1999 Ben went in a trip with his grangfather and his cousin.....He found the Omnitrix......

    Winter 2009 Ben took the Omnitrix again..... teamed up with Kevin.....

    end of summer 2010 Ben's secret was known for all humans and most aliens.... 

    Am I wrong????

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    • We know very little of Ben 10's timeline. Note that the original series ran for four seasons, if I'm not mistaken. Assuming approximately one year per season, that's four years, yet Ben was 10 when it started and 11 when it ended. Time in series is not the same as in real life.

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    • I am not talking about time in real life, I mean that we can right the history of the world of Ben 10 . in other wikis they are wrighting the history, in avatar wiki, they use the time of sozin comet to know the history of the events. in the world of ben 10, The world has the same history, it will be easier.

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    • And like I said, time in Ben 10 is not the same as time in real life. We don't know much about Ben 10's timeline.

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    • But McDuffie said that the time of Ben 10 UA is 2010 and AF is 2009.

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    • Mkamind wrote:
      But McDuffie said that the time of Ben 10 UA is 2010 and AF is 2009.

      He only said it takes place in the present.

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    • In avatar wiki they gussed alot of characters age, most ages wasn't mentioned , It was only gussed. I think it's easier to guess. At Ben UA the tecnology (mobiles, TV, cars) looked like 2010 and the beginning of 2011 tecnology. In OV( I don't watch , tell me if I am wrong) Ben had a smartphone. which make it easy to guess the year that Ben 10 UA and OV happened in(2010-2011) and in AF it's (2009) , The original series was in 1999.

      Isn't that right? 

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    • We don't "guess" things here. Only confirmed information.

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    • Ok

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