• Alright.

    So I heard once from a creator of the show that Tetramands can't grow hair and that anytime they have hair it's a wig. This seems to be played straight with Looma and Gar yet Fourarms had a ponytail in UA and a moustache in OV. Unless this is some form of Ben's DNA intermingling I don't know how that works. Also the Tetramand Priest had a beard, or moustache.

    Another thing, Matt Wayne said these guys are like bronze age tech. I see signs of a bronze age but they have sophiticated enough technology to threaten to blow up Earth and build engine blocks and host Auto shows like the Olympics.

    I'm guessing the Bronze age thing only applied to living conditions and design, not their technology but still, what's up?

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    • Derrick said modern bronze age XD

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    • XD i always assumed the moustache in OV was kinda like the stripe thingie on young Fourarms. But yeah I have some confusion with this aswell 

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    • A FANDOM user
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