• In the production order T.G.I.S. is episode 21, but it is 31 in airing order.

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    • Yeah. The DVD is awesome though. It once again completes my collection, which is every Ben 10 episode/movie since is first aired in 2005! Sorry if that came off as braggy, but I'm just proud of it. :D

      In case there is a page for it or something, here are the features on the DVD

      Disc 1-

      Cover Art: Bullfrag

      Alien Database: AmpFibian, Terraspin, Cannonbolt

      Episodes: T.G.I.S., Tummy Trouble, Store 23, Vilgax Must Croak, Ben Again

      Disc 2-

      Cover Art: Cannonbolt

      Episodes: Special Delivery, Rad, While You Were Away, Frogs of War: Part 1, Frogs of War: Part 2

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    • Those are in production order. Cartoon Network make a mess of the production order of the episodes and then put back in production order on the DVDs.

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    • The first two volumes weren't in airing or production order.

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    • Perhaps chronological order?

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    • Dillon9988 wrote:
      Perhaps chronological order?


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    • A FANDOM user
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