• Dwayne MCduffie did said that The Mummy,Yenaldooshi,Dr. Viktor, are not the DNA source of their species they just unlock them,their DNA origins got reckoned.He also said that Prisoner 775 is not the DNA origins of ChamAlien

    Derrick said the same about Kickin Hawk and it odviously that the DNA did not came from Liam as he doesn't look like him,Plumber Jerry being the DNA source of Molestache doesn't make sense beside that they are from the same species.

    the only confirmed DNA sources are the Nanochips,Sugilite,Zs'Skayr and the 5 Prisoners of Aggregor which came from the Andromeda Galaxy in which its species DNA are lacking in the Omnitrix.

    and yes i believe Ben DNA replaced the original human DNA but i am not sure.

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    • Okay, Thank you for the great information. I couldn't have found out on my own. But, isn't the Anur System somewhat hard to reach? Why would Azmuth risk his life by going there to collect some samples? But that could be sort of possible and logical IF Derrick confirmed it, and he did, so it is totally logical. Thank You.

      Oh, and btw, just saying, try adding a space after the ","s, and capitalizing the first letters of sentences. You have some run-on sentences a worthy and professional Admin like you shouldn't have.

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