• Vexx


    how will win out of these two tigers
    Ben10omni rath 174x252


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    • Tony the Tiger will come along and beat them both because he's greaaaaaaat!

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    • rath

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    • Vexx's Picture Can Be Posted In His Article

      And Rath Wins

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    • we havnt seen vexx yet so v dont know the extent of his abilities. also there is a possibilty that because he is an original appoplaxian he might be more aware of his abilities and he has been prcticing them for years so FOR NOW i say vexx.

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    • definatley rath he can do siri-ous butt kickin' and cosmic drop

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    • It's a draw! The DNA signatures in the Omnitrix are samples from the superiority of that species, so Rath would be the ideal winner. Although, Vexx has been an Appoplexian much longer than Ben, and for all we know Ben hasn't even come close to Raths capabilities. Vexx also appears to be more ruthless, giving him another advantage.

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    • Tie, for all the facts above and the fact that is he is their leader and would be the epitome of a in shape appoplexian

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    • A FANDOM user
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